Wednesday, July 1, 2009


hey guys!!
as most of you know.. I'm currently in NS..
surprised that I'm back? :P
it's because I get 3 days cuti sakit.. cirit birit ><
Aiks.. but I'm going back to the camp by 5pm today..
Anyways.... I should talk briefly bout my life in NS right?
well.. I'm in the kompeni Alfa (Helang) Siri 6 Kumpulan 3..
my camp (Rachado Bay) is in between 2 beaches..
I forgot the name of the beaches..
but it's damn kewl cos we get to play kayaking and rafting at the sea~
and my camp is in the border of Melaka and Negeri Sembilan XD...
the jurulatih there are cool and nice.. but some are just grouchy and mean.. ugh.

As for yesterday, I went to watch Transformers 2 with Yong and Hing..
both of them also cuti sakit and followed my car back home..
cos they also lived near my house also .. ><

BTW Yong is Ketua Wira.. and he pinjam me his 3 pangkat badge and camwhore!! :D

the uniform is PLKN's Baju Kelas
Transformers 2 not bad.. rating 7/10..
I didn't really sit down and enjoy the movie cos when 1/4 of the movie,
I wanted to go to the toilet ><
but the stupid thing is that I went to the toilet when it's almost over!!!
didn't get to see how to good guys win the bad guys.. arghhh~
but anyways. it's still a nice movie to watch =)
yesterday I didn't even used any money ><
they 2 belanja me junk foods, lunch, movie, popcorns and drinks!!
so kind~
oh.. I gotta go prepare for my journey later >_<
tata guys.. take care! ^^

missing you guys
♥ ZhiYuen