Sunday, November 29, 2009

new moon ♥

hey! xx
I recently watched New Moon on Friday the 27th with Shin Yii
in Jusco Cheras Selatan

Its just awesome, and I could watch it endlessly..
But, one thing that I'm not satisfied of is Kristen and Robert's acting.
They suck, seriously.
There's no chemistry between them!
I wonder why the first director hired them to be Bella and Edward.
Sorry for the Edward fans out there.
Nonetheless, Jacob, played by Taylor Lautner, is a good actor.
He has been acting since he's a child..
I still remember seeing him first time on Twilight, and I thought to myself..
this guy is familiar.. (not to mention, cute!)
then, I IMDB-ed him, and found out that he acted on The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl
weird and lame movie, but worth the time watching when your bored, lol.

Corny cover, I know, LOL.
My my, how have Taylor grown..
and he became a super hottie too!
I was drooling in the cinema when he took off his clothes, LOL.
he's shirtless in most of his scenes, which is a good thing, ahaha.

I guess that's all,
toodles for now :)

A scene by a beach restaurant I went to on Friday.
Have a nice day!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


holy !!!
almost had another car accident just now.
This time it's inside my university campus

The red blocks are cars that are parking beside the narrow road..
As you can see, my view is blocked by those cars and can't see that idiot coming.
At that time, I really thought he will bang my car..
but he didn't.. (miraculously)
fcking guy drove super fast. la sibeh lin hai..
even when he saw me, he didn't slow down.
he just turn away like nothing happen -.-"
I was fetching 4 of my friends as well leh..
stupid guy =.="
still traumatized from the incident =.=

Friday, November 13, 2009


holy $hit
I almost got into an accident just now..

The traffic light rosak edi.
So I just followed the car in front of me to turn right
Din realize a lorry is driving fast towards me.. (see pic above)
So, the lorry driver keep honking me..
I also dunno why I din stop first and let the lorry pass by..
Anyways, luckily my SLK nothing happened..
I'm alive! =D

p/s: SLK is small little kelisa.. hehe

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I should post this long time ago..

I forgot to post an entry about my birthday celebration dinner with my parents
heeeee :P
The restaurant (called House & Co.) is in BSC.. I think it stands for Bangsar Shopping Complex. or something.
My mum and I went early to the shopping complex..
went to check out the restaurant and maybe shop around.
mana tau that stupid doofus complex is renovating.. like 90% of the stores were closed for renovation =.=
so we went there and literally ROT...
and that made me hungry and so, I bought fried food on a stick from Cold Storage supermarket =(
Hehe, anyway at around 7.10pm me and mummy went to the restaurant early ('cos we booked 7.30pm table)
and ordered a piece of cake.
Choc cake.. OKOK only.. Szelin bakes better cakes.. seriously :D

This is where we sat
By the way, the restaurant looks weird.
They sell household kitchen stuff while there's also dining area =.="
something like a combination of IKEA and fine dining..

Dad, bro and his gf arrived at around 7.40pm that day..
What's a post about restaurants where there aren't any food picture?!

So there!!
The food there was okay.. But kinda expensive lar.
But definately wouldn't take the trouble to go there again.
'cos its located quite far from my house and the food was just o-k.


On the other hand,...
One fine day, zyuen came home from uni and had a camwhoric mood..
and .....

Here's the result of her action.. XD

TOODLES!! xoxo

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Random Post #4

Hey guys.
Recently, my NS friends told me that Rachado Bay Camp (the camp I went to 2 months ago) was closed..
I think it's closed because the camp is too small or something like that. >_<

Sayonara RBC. You'll forever be in my memory =)


I'm currently addicted to the song by Boys Like Girls & Taylor Swift - Two Is Better Than One

It's just SO my kind of music. (:
Taylor Swift's voice really complements their singing.
GO LISTEN if you haven't !!

But its weird though, this song brings back memories that I want to forget.
Why is two better than one?