Monday, December 29, 2008

Tag Number 17 - stabbing game :D

Hey guys..
I got tagged by Jess!!
well, I did the tag before, but I'll do another one from her blog..!'s been long since I've done a tag ;p

Bold the statements that are true;
Italicize the statements you wish were true;
Leave the fibs alone.

Then, stab 5 people to do the tag.

I’m 170cm + tall.
I don’t know what I want at the moment.
I’m not happy.
I hate my friends.
I hate my life.
I hate my grades.
He drives.
I’m bored of driving.
I go clubbing every week.
Shopping is bullshit.
I have a tattoo of a star.
I got my navel pierced.
I have friends that take drugs.
90% of my friends smoke.
I have a business running.
I hate cartoons.
I hate someone.
I have 10 handbags.
I buy PLAYBOY/PLAYGIRL every month.
My school mates know about my blog.
I wanted to be a fashion designer.
Wanted, past-tense.
I love emo rock bands.
I hate it when people cancel last minute meet ups.
I’m a rebel.
I started wearing dresses.
High school's filled with drama.
My parents have faith in me.
Maybe a little too much faith.
I’ve bought shoes this month.
I hate sports.
I heart Italian food.
I hate meeting new people.
I hate nail polish.
The mother bear gives me hugs.
People should start appreciating me.
High school was the worst time of my life.
I have cool hair.
One Utama is my second home.
I’m a guy.
I’m scared of my Biology exam.
I hate vacations.
We’ll last.
I believe in long distance relationships.
I’m going to get high and smoke weed one day soon.
I’ve robbed an old lady.
I was stupid.
At times I think I still am a stupid.
I hate surprise parties.I hate planning parties.
I’m a sinner.
I have a Wii.
I can't live without music.
Video games are a waste of time.
I miss the father bear.
I love being in love.
I know how to cook.
I have 100% freedom.
I hate Math.
I love horror films.
I’m happy with what I have.
I slept in my parents’ room for 3 days after watching Scream when I was a kid.
My old friends keep in touch with me.
I don’t read newspapers.
The news is such a waste of time.
Blogging is a waste of time.
I hate animals.
I can’t live without make-up.
I curse like a pirate.
I’m happy with my 11 year old car.
I hate people that are smart.
I love Apple Juice.
I can’t drink for nuts.
I believe that everyone in their teens have lost their virginity.
I’ve got a new phone.
I’m going to get a new pair of shoes by the end of this month.
I love clubbing.
I haven’t worked out since March.
I love my friends and family.
I'm hot.
What can I say? I'm sexy.

I stab:
♪ wan xuan
♪ wing yan
♪ kok peng
♪ weing seen
♪ up for grabs ;D

♥ ZhiYuen

Friday, December 26, 2008

an x'mas story

hey guys!!
well, the purpose of this post is to talk 'bout how I celebrated x'mas..
so, here goes :D

Christmas eve
I went to my bf's house at about 6 something.
reached there and gave him his x'mas prezzie.
well, I won't say what I gave to him here,
but he gave me a cute little piggy XD
it can talk!! he recorded something in it
and I also won't say what he said in it XD..
haha.. :D
den after that I had dinner with his family..
steamboat~ XD
after dinner my piggy n I went for a movie..
at about 11 something..
until 2 something (I think, dun remember)
we came out and saw Green Box still operating. O.o (so latee!!)
and a weird thing happened..
when he put our parking ticket into the machine, it says RM99.99..
den I checked the date.. 26/10, 00:00
tepat tepat 12am and 26/10?!?!
that time only 25/10 lor!!!
haih. stupid la..
den had to go around and ask... (nobody summore)
give them zadaoo lar..
but it was good that I got to spend my time with the ones I love during Christmas ^^

Christmas Day
Woke up at about 11am..
mum asked me to find a silver nail polish..
when I wanna open my drawer.. it's stuck as hell.
I took a ruler and tried to clear out the stuff that's preventing the drawer from opening..
the ruler was too short..!!
then, I tried with a clothes hanger...
I found out where's the bugger and I used the hanger and pushed it..
that bugger moved and that hanger hit my head.. AIHHH...
paiseh betul.. XD
Then, I went to Pavilion with my parents during noon.
we had dinner there with few of our relatives.
after that, I shopped around with my cousins..
walked here and there for 3-4 hours and I bought nothing..
sigh ):
had the money in hand but no clothes that I like..
oh well ..
Then, we went for dinner at Tony Roma's..
because it's Christmas, they only sell sets, no ala carte.
so, nvm lor..
we have 7 people in total but we only ordered 4 sets because some are not hungry..
but then, we also can't finish the 4 sets altho there's 7 tummies >.<
after that, they fetched me back home and watched Bruce Lee on Astro..

as for today, I went to photocopy my notes for Tze Yi..
haihz.. duwan say edii..
that lady photocopied till sooo messy until the chapters all messed up..
anyway, before that I saw a video of my friend singing
為你而活 with 神木與瞳 (Y2J)
in Sungei Wang..

here's the vid.. ENJOY!!

btw my friend is the girl in yellow shirt.. she's real good in singing..
I think it's a competition between 3 pairs..
and guess what?!?!
she and her partner won 1st place!!! (:
oh, and guys..
HAPPY NEW YEAR, in advance ;p

♥ ZhiYuen

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

birthday wishes~

hello hello hello!
just bloggin' to wish late December babies...
a happy appie birthday!! :D

Happy belated to Bryant didi~~ (20th)
and sorry for the late wishes to Mr.XXX... (23rd)

owh, I also want to publicly announce that Mr.XXX
is a very sweet guy that sang Happy Birthday song to me over the phone.
well.. since I'm not good at singing, I shall "sing" here!! :D

Happy Birthday to you~~
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuu
Happy Birthday to Faz AKA Shaman AKA Mr.XXX
Happy Birthday to youu!! :D

*I hope he sees this :P*

oh. and the karaoke pics will come late, but do stay tune folks!

merry x'mas!
♥ ZhiYuen

Sunday, December 21, 2008

karaoke madness

yesterday was my last day of Semester 1 (:
so Me, Shin Yii, Chloe, Sheirly, Sharon, Ronald, Marcus & Trix
went to Time Square's Neway to sing karaoke ! (:
sang till I almost lost my voice, haha..
sang for 4 hour straight, from 3pm until 7pm !
anyway, I had a blast yesterday.
we took only a few pics, but it's yet to be sent to me!!
so, stay tuned folks!! :D

Time Square's LARGE Christmas tree! (Chloe & Me)

Me & Shin Yii

the girls!!
L-R : Me, Shin Yii, Sheirly, Boon Shan, Chloe

Nice pic eh? :p

♥ ZhiYuen

Thursday, December 18, 2008

10 Promises To My Dog

bonjour !
I just finished watching this movie

10 Promises To My Dog..
judging by it's title..
you'll know that this movie makes people cry..
believe me..
the dog is sooo effing cute as well!!

Besides, the movie used "Time After Time" music by Cyndi Lauper..
it's weird because I was seeing Nana manga yesterday,
and this girl in it was "singing" that song as well!
what a coincidence..
oh, shall I call it.. "Law of Attraction" ?

SO, guys!
if you're having stress or tension cos exams are near..
I recommend that you watch this movie!!
can release your exam STRESS!!
it works for me!!!
PFfTtt!.. that reminds me of my English test tomorrow.
I'm gonna write this movie's synopsis and MAYBE I might get an A for my Essay :P

good night, peeps!!
♥ ZhiYuen

Saturday, December 13, 2008

happy birthday to..

Happy Birthday to Cik SRI DEVI~!!
my beloved sejarah teacher
although it's impossible she'll see this blog post,
but still!!
Happy Birthday to her!!

p/s: she has facebook. :D LOL!!
go check her out!!

have a good day~

Orphanage Adventure

hey guys!!
today, me and my friends did a presentation in front of the class

our Moral Studies project is a trip to Desa Amal Jireh,
an orphanage near our University..
situated in Semenyih, Kajang.
Thus, we did a presentation about our trip there.
We went there on 31st October (quite long ago, lol)

Here's a video to help u get a gist of our little trip.

they're so cute and lovable xD~
anyway I really feel privileged to visit them..
I hope for the best for their near future (:

*the following part is..
** strictly for girls!! XD (guys also can la if ur interested, lol) **

like my previous post, anyone interested in RM10 *branded* Mascara, please email
she will reply you ASAP and tell you more about the product..
really affordable.
me myself is using it and it's very easy and smooth to apply
Furthermore, it's smudge-free and does not clump together when applied.
it gives a very lightening feeling as well.
only RM10..!!
what you waiting for girls??
don't decide that long!
just press
and you can give them as Christmas present as well!! (:

p/s: Please don't edit the Subject!! you can add but dun delete any of the words!


♥ ZhiYuen

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Untitled #4

hey (:
been busy lately..
plus don't know what to blog about..
Thus.. didn't blog for 1 week plus..
haih. what to talk about?
..don't know la!!
weing seennnnnn arrr.. my mind really KOSONG...
(weing seen is the one who asked me to update T.T)

haihz.. den NVM la I buat promo over here!~
who wanna buy mascara for only RM10????
very affordable..
smudge-proof.. branded.. lightening.. and clump-free..
fret not to email HERE

hahaha... oh my god!!!
I'm so bored!!
still got Moral and Management presentations to worry about..
after that, can worry about FINALS edi!

♥ ZhiYuen

Monday, December 1, 2008


what should I do?
I need to tell him.

desperate for the sake of old days.
♥ ZhiYuen


my life's been miserable ever since I first saw her.
mother fcker biatch!
you better rot in hell if he ever found out!
DIE you bee aii tee see hage!
I NEED some comfort.

hating bitches
♥ ZhiYuen