Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I've always believe that everything happens for a reason.
And Murphy's Law seems to be true sometimes, LOL. (at least to me la)

However, there are also a few other things...
Coincidence and the 7th sense.

Coincidence - could things be destined or fated?
I wouldn't say I believe in destiny and/or fate a hundred percent..
But sometimes things can really make me think twice.

My favourite self-created term; the "7th sense".
(note I did not say 6th sense,.. as it normally associates with.. you know.. intangible things ;p)
In this case, 7th sense as in you'd sense something is going to / may happen. And it really did!

The other day while I was in a wedding dinner, my eyes wandered around the hall and I spotted the wedding cake. I imagined the cake being toppled over (don't ask me why, I just did..) Quite random actually.
And the next thing I know, while two servers were shifting the table with the wedding cake, the upper part of the "cake" (I think it's fake) tumbled and the wedding accessories fell down.. psychic much?
Well, thank god they did not ruin the real cake situated at the bottom. But they did broke a few champagne glasses...

Here's a link to the story of how a soon-to-be-married couple found a childhood photo of the bride with the bridegroom in the background with his father, pushing him in a stroller. Coincidence much? 

toodles for now.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My 20th birthday

Dear bloggie,

I am no longer a teenager :(
The big '2's has finally catched up! aaaaaaaaaahhh~!
How time flies!!!!

Celebrated my 20th with my close friends from uni @ Friday night on the 28th of October.
Before starting our journey to KL, Szelin helped Shin Yii and me with our make up!
Thanks babe! :D
After that, we went to Levain for dinner. Thank god we reached just in time before they close! :D
Then, we headed to Frangipani @ Changkat Bukit Bintang
*ehem ehem*

 We were the first ones there as we reached at around 9.40pm!
We ordered house whiskey and waited for more customers to arrive when it's approaching midnight ;)
Free show for us girls, woots woots!

camwhore while waiting.
Baby and me :)


Shin Yii. Curls made by Szelin as well! :D

 The girls and me :)

Midnight. Birthday girl making her wish :)

Shilei called me at 12am as she was late..
She sang Happy Birthday song to me through the phone.
So sweet! :)
We went home at around 1 or 2 something.

On Saturday evening, baby took me out to MV/The Gardens.
We watched Real Steel @ GSC Signature and had our dinner in a Thai restaurant in Mid Valley.

One of the dish we ordered - Thai Green Curry Chicken, anyone ? :)

Sayang baby :)

Thanks baby for the 20 pink roses!
Love it loads :)

On Sunday afternoon, I went to Sunway Pyramid with the very geng gang :)

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co, from the famous Forrest Gump movie!
After lunch, we went to RedBox for some Sing K session!

Later in the evening, I rushed home just in time for chinese course dinner with my family and relatives.
Fresh awesome-possum sun hock fish!

My 2nd cake for my birthday :)

My pressies from my friends :)  
감사합니다, Thank you everyone! I enjoyed my very last days as a teenager!
And thank you to mum & dad for my chinese 21st birthday present!


Friday, October 28, 2011

Dear world (200th post)

Dear world,

I just can’t take my eyes off you,
Detach yourself from all the ugliness of almost everything,
Just hold me, and don’t let go,
Don’t let them pesky things feed on you,
This feeling I'm feeling is something I’ve never known,
Everything happens for a reason – I say to myself,
So lay here, beside me, just hold me and don’t let go,
It’s not what it seems – and so I say to myself...
I just can’t take my eyes off you, and I just can’t take my eyes off you.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Overtime Kepong

Dear bloggie,
See! Told ya I would update you :P
(OK, sorry for being weird, talking to a.. virtual non-living thing.. lol)

Yesterday my uni friends and I went to Overtime Kepong.
Freaking 1. hour. drive.
There's one Overtime near by house (like 3 mins drive) tapi we went all the way to Kepong because Kah Wai's dad has a share in that branch..
We went there to celebrate Nigel and Shin Yii's b'day :)
Anyhoos... less talk more pics!

I love my ribbon hairband! :D
1 pound only. hehe

 Shin Yii & me :)
bad camwhoring skills la :(

Starker Lager ;)
But hor, I don't taste much difference between lager and aromatic Starker =.=
I don't really know how to appreciate beer lol.
All beer tastes almost the same to me..
Heineken, Carlsberg, Anchor, Tiger, Starker..... whats the difference? hehe
Unless you mean German beer. FTW la that one.

B'day peeps! :D
Ooops, not a really good pic of Nigel..
But the other pics can't see Shin Yii.. hmmm
Bad photography skills :(

Free flaming lamborghini!
Bottoms up! ;)

Nigel and me! :)

Last but not least, GROUP PIC! :D
No second round (mahjong @ Kah Wai's place) because we were all too tired!
Alcohol makes me sleepy. and want to pee.
Oh, and there's this drunk guy sitting behind our table.
Came our table and kacau.. Gan bei with us and all..
Quite funny.. lol.
Even gave Shin Yii tissue rose! So cute! (I mean the rose)
Tried to kacau Foong Yee also.. poor FY :(

Ahhh...good to unwind from work once in a while.
6 days per week sucks.

TTYL Bloggie!
(...Here I go again.... :P)

Back from a long hiatus?

Dear bloggie,
Sorry, I know you've been seriously neglected by your owner :(
But I pwomissseeee you..
I'll update you now and then, okay? :D

Your owner

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Apple pie

You there! Stop, and listen to what I have to say,
Something I've kept inside, secretive, until today.

Before bed, I lie awake, I hope & I pray,
For a smile that can always brighten my every other day.

For missing you, is like missing my favorite apple pie,
For without you, is like a day without a clear blue sky.

And now it's here, I hope it all falls apart,
And tell me if it's true, you & I, and heart. ♥

copyrighted 2011 
zyuen :P

Saturday, March 12, 2011

yo ho yo ho ! calling all bookworms 8D

Hello world!
My assignments' due dates are round the corner.
But guess what I'm doing recently?
online shopping, shopping and more shopping!
More of viewing and drooling over branded goods,
no money to buy. *sob*

Anyways, the main purpose of me blogging today is to intro everyone to my new (opened since mid of Jan, but considered new gua..) blogshop that sells secondhand novels!
take a peep at
Not only that, I'm calling all friends who wants to sell their pre-loved novels (no academics please! :P) to join forces with me (lol) and sell your books via my blogshop!
No hidden fees included la! (haha)
You'll get to keep all profits, but of course, you have to ship the books yourself.
I need more updates to increase traffic to my blog, so it's a win-win situation :D

Do drop me a mail via fb/msn/email or whatsover.
Include all the books detail (title, synopsis, price, condition)


Sunday, February 20, 2011

你是好人, 也是个坏人.

Dear bloggie,
These few days have been so dull..
It's kinda hard to pass my time recently..
Have been watching the TV, watching drama, watching movie and so on...
Oh, and reading TVD book (Which, to my disappointment, slightly boring.. where I may end up sleeping after 30 minutes of reading it)
Currently listening to my playlist songs..
It's so boring! Almost the same songs over and over again..
Tho it consists of 179 songs.. it all seems so.. same..

I wish that I could run away somewhere..
maybe Europe..
I want to go to Europe!
For traveling purposes of course.., not for studying.
I want to visit those lovely countries!
France, especially.
And London. Oh, how I miss you so much!
I want to go to the theater so badly!
Oh white prince, where art thou white prince? :P

I feel so numb :(
God save me please!!!

signing off

Monday, January 31, 2011

Sheirly's 21st

Went to Genting on the 27th~28th for Sheirly's 21st birthday bash.
We stayed at Awana and the party was also held there.
Before the dinner, we went up to Genting to walk around.

@ cable car.
We sat cable car to go up Genting because Tour de Langkawi was also held on the same day and the road was closed.
Plus, the weather was kinda bad.. very windy and misty.
And it's raining.
So no outdoor theme park for us.

Hot Starbucks on a cold weather FTW!
On the way down using the cable car, when it's around 4 cars until our turn to reach the station, suddenly the cable cars stopped moving forward and started to move slightly backwards.
Might be due to the windy and misty weather, that's why it stopped functioning for around 30 seconds.
Scared the hell outta us..
And now..
Time for the dinner pics! :D

Seats were already organized and we should sit in our own seats! :D

Me & Shin Yii

Me & Sherene

Me & Lawrence

The pretty birthday girl! :D

Group pic!
Cheras gang.. lol


With Trix, the hot bunny with big boobs. LOL
The aftermath of his punishment for losing a game :D

Marcus, the china boy! hehe

"Volunteers" for the "jiong mun yan" act-and-guess game.

Lost.. and our punishment was applying purple lipstick..
Not that bad for us girls..

The guys' punishment was to kiss another guy.... Oops!

Our present for Sheirly - L'occitane gift set, Armani purse and Octopus plushie!! ♥

The after party was held in Sheirly's condo in Gohtong
Love the furniture inside!
Pink couches! ♥

The drinking game! (with lots of people x_X)
Overall, awesome party ! :D


p/s: The weather is so cold lately! *brrr*

Saturday, January 22, 2011

when I'm bored

especially studying,
I do random stuff from painting nails to writing a to-do-list after my exams
And my to-do-list is about 2 pages long :D
(and I haven't realize half of them yet till now)
Some random pics from my hp and lappie..

Cookie monster wants cookies..
@ my FM notes. LOL

my study table during the exams.
freaking small+puny table! need to squeeze my book and papers.
Now the condition of my table is not much different,
just the papers are replaced with my laptop instead XD

a present from wing :)
found it when I was searching for some Foundation notes in my closet.

A pic that I forced ki-boy to take pics with me :P
Look at his beh song look!
Haha, so cute!