Sunday, November 21, 2010


Hello to all my dear followers,
Today I'm going to touch the topic of "Copyright"
According to Wikipedia,
Copyright is a set of exclusive rights granted by the law of a jurisdiction to the author or creator of an original work, including the right to copy, distribute and adapt the work. Exceptions and limitations to these rights strive to balance the public interest in the wide distribution of the material produced and to encourage creativity. Exceptions include fair dealing and fair use, and such use does not require the permission of the copyright owner.
All other uses require permission and copyright owners can license or permanently transfer or assign their exclusive rights to others. Copyright does not protect ideas, only their expression or fixation. In most jurisdictions, copyright arises upon fixation and does not need to be registered.

To (whom it may concern)..
Tip: Click on the below pic for who this may concern
you are infringing my copyright.
I have sufficient evidence and I may sue you one day..
This is my copyrighted image of my little Teddy
(siap with my signature on the bottom right corner)
Be prepared for a letter from my lawyer! :P

p/s: zyuen is just being crazy
Stress from assignment
sorry :p

Sunday, November 7, 2010

my 19th birthday

Hello hello hello !!
I've been too caught up with other things that I even forgot to write about my own birthday's post!
Here are a few pics from my laptop to share with you guys :)

Tiramisu cake on 28th Oct 11.50pm :))
Thank you for the surprise guys! ILY!

29th October, Friday, day of my birthday
Went to Pavilion with my uni friends
Shin Yii drove us there!

Me & Szelin!

We ate at a Mexican restaurant in Pavilion (forgot the name)

the sweet people that celebrated my big day with me! :)

outside of Pavilion. Candid shot by Trix :)
I love it!
This pic looks very happy! :D

The girls!

At night, I celebrated my birthday with my family.
We ate our dinner in Ishin Japanese Restaurant located in Old Klang Road.

My birthday ice-cream! haha very creative indeed!
We ate 8 course meal that day and the food was really really really awesome!!
(for mouthwatering food pics, do check it out in my FB pics!)

On 31st Oct, Sunday (Happy Halloween!)
Went to The Curve with The Very Geng Gang!

Ate at The Apartment for dinner!

After dinner, we went to have some drinks at The Library, located in e@Curve!

Bottoms up ;)


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Little Teddy ♥

Teddy is my cute new little puppy!
He's also super naughty.
Glutton as well!
He doesn't like piano, and when I played the piano, he would bark.
(or maybe he loves it and sang along? no idea :P)

Gah, I'm super bored~! :(

Saturday, October 16, 2010


The other day I was watching L Change The World and thought to myself...

Hmm.. this "L" seems familiar.
Few days later I was so bored I randomly picked a tube of shower gel from my dressing table
and took a sniff ( I love the scent of Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B perfume )
and then I looked at the logo...

Hmm,... seems familiar as well!
The 2 of the logos looked almost alike!
No surprise there because Gwen Stefani's quite famous for her Harajuku Girls.

On another occasion, I was out with my parents to The Gardens & Mid Valley
we were shopping @ Isetan because there was sales!!!
Mummy was trying on clothes and I wandered around to see what's nice..
I came back to my parents and randomly told my dad,
"Dad, I want Nike shoes!!"
Surprisingly, he said
"Let's go" (to the Nike area)
At first there's this striking PINK trainers that caught my eye..
hehe, but in the end I bought a blue one!

Tadaaaa! :D
my early birthday present from my parents =)
So blueeeee... !! (I hope someone's not afraid of the STRIKING blue...:P)

We went to Din Tai Fung in The Gardens for lunch and I saw this couple.
They were about the age of 60~70 both of them grey-haired with glasses.
The woman is an Asian (Not sure if she's Malaysian) with LONG hair..
Seldom see ah ma with LONG grey hair (Long till buttocks)
Her husband is some Caucasion ah gong..
Both of them are reading books (and none of them talking/looking at each other)
kinda a weird sight for me.. especially in a restaurant..
and I don't think they were even eating..
maybe they mistaken the restaurant as a library? ;p hehe

Currently its the 3rd week going on 4th week of the 1st Semester of my Year 2..
Seems like exam is so near.. hahaha
Yesterday went to Shin Yii's house because we decided to STUDY..
end up we didn't touch the book but instead did our blog, Whimsical Needs .
Oh well, I hope I would be hardworking later and touch on some topics.

Friday, September 24, 2010

movies movies and more movies!

Watched Step Up 3D with Wing Yan a few days ago..

This time, I really watched it in 3D.. (Unlike Piranha)
Anyways, this movie was cool!
A lot of very nice and stunning dance moves.
Although the 3D glasses made my ear and eye hurt..
I'll give it a rating of 7/10 :)

Posing inside the cinema!

At the same time, we also watched Devil!

Thriller movie!!
Damn syok!!
But this movie mostly shot inside an elevator..
some sort of cost reduction maybe? :P
It was kinda exciting..
My rating for it is 6.5/10

My house has another addition to the family..
Meet Teddy!!!!

So cute!
Why Teddy?
'cos he looks like Teddy Bear!
He's cute, but a bit annoying.
So playful and noisy when he's not happy inside the cage!

Webcamwhore with The Very Geng group! :P hahaha
(Wing Yan is behind, doing the vampire pose hahaha)

I was searching for Step Up 3D posters just now on Google
and this showed up..

ROFL! hahaha.

I shall end this post with an (accidental) creation of mine..

Rose ;)
Made from choc+almond sauce.. haha

Saturday, September 18, 2010

oh so girly ♥

Yesterday Shin Yii and I went to Szelin's house and chill all dayyyyy :D
We girls do what we do best..
Which are.....

Painting nails !! ♥

Oh so sweeeet!

Curling hair!
So cute!

Hairdresser- Szelin :P
Love my temporary curls, would be prettier if my hair is longer!

And, of course, snacks in between!


For dinner, we went to Mahkota Cheras for Fish Noodles ♥

It was okay, all of us gave it a rating of 5/10.. hehe

Shin Yii with her temp. curls! (And Szelin with her natural curls! :P)


After dinner we spent almost an hour (I think) webcam-whoring!
Good times..

-oh its raining!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

They're coming...

Just watched Resident Evil 2 and 3
Not bad!
I like..
The feeling when the blood rush through me when suddenly a zombie appear..
Fun :P
Maybe another round of Resident Evil: Afterlife in PPS.
But PPS load damn SLOW.. turtle!
and it steals all the internet speed away..
Can't really go on facebook with PPS running

A random conversation with Shilei.
So cute, her drawing.
She was explaining her scary experience in China's road.

Oh and..

Happy 20th Birthday Szelin :)

Toodles for now,
Szelin's birthday is today and gonna hang out at her place later.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Hmm. It's been so long since I've played the "tagging game"
Saw this on facebook, so.. what the heck? :D

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person that tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. Name's Zhi Yuen. Some call me Yuen for short.

2. I have lots of nickname - round, fishball, purple cloud, etc

3. I am studying Finance and Accounting but I don't like Accounting. Lol.

4. Loves pink. (Especially baby pink!)

5. Am kinda allergic to mints - Sometimes, I would sneeze if I eat mint candies.

6. I dislike Rihanna's music, her voice is a bit annoying to me.

7. Uses DDR as a workout routine. LOL.

8. Dreamed of becoming a doctor when I was little (who doesn't?)

9. But now, my current dream is becoming an entrepreneur =)

10. Am real short during my primary school years (147cm) but shot up almost 15cm now. (Thank God)

11. I love number 4 and sometimes the number 4 always appear everywhere in my daily life.

12. Is currently in love with Damon Salvatore (TVD for the win!)

13. Lucky enough to travel to Europe last month. Italy, England and Scotland.

14. Random - I watched Angels&Demons before and didn't realize it was shot in Vatican City & Rome until I watched it again just now.

15. Likes the Twilight series (Jacob Black ILY) but thinks Vampire Sucks is so damn funny!

16. Loves Baskin Robbin's Peanut Butter & Choc. Everytime I had the chance to grab a pint during the 31st of the month offer, it's always that flavor.

17. Loathes red wine, but loves white wine.

18. Am a bit of a shopaholic nowadays.

19. I feel that I have no clothes to wear even though my wardrobe's packed.

20. Goes the same to shoes. Need to contemplate for a while on what to wear.

21. Hates jackasses and guys that don't respect women.

22. Loves dogs (But no mean looking ones please!)

23. Slow driver. I sayang my SLK okay? (Small Little Kelisa)

24. Recently started drawing on MS Paint out of boredom.

25. Waiting =)

Love sucks but we can't live without it can we?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

endless story

Watched Piranha 3D today..
But not in 3D .. haha.

The movie was awesomeeeee!!
a lot of gore, violent, gross scenes..very 18-ish movie..
my rating for it : 7.5/10
Call me crazy but I don't know why some of the killing scenes are so funny.
Might be because its kinda ridiculous in a way...

Also watched Resident Evil: Afterlife..
Yeah, watched 2 movies today.. :P
and both horror/thriller movies haha..

Wentworth Miller is acting inside tooooo!!
Didn't know that until the credits at the beginning showed his name..
OMG.. melted.. :P
I'll give this movie a 6.5/10
(Wentworth may had had an influence on the rating hehehe)
This movie is not bad, but I personally think the previous ones are better..

Sang karaoke just now too..
Long time since the last k-session.

Nowadays nothing much to do at home.
Trying hard to learn piano again.
Kiss the rain is so freaking damn hard to learn - arghhh!!
Curses!!.. why did I quit piano oh so long time ago..


Monday, September 13, 2010

once upon another time


What if it didn't happen, and what if it did?

Anyhow, what's done is done.
It is what it is.
Nothing can change that.
Time is always the medicine.
But the question is, how long does it take for it to be cured?

"Everything happens for a reason"

It's a phrase I always use.
Bad things happened in order for a good one to happen.
It is all I could say to comfort myself.

I don't regret the decisions that I've done.
I don't regret it at all.
Sometimes I think that I made the right choice.
No matter what, it makes me who I am right now.

I am happy, free, and I can do or say whatever I want.
I am no longer bound by the invisible rope.
Not anymore.
Not ever.

Sometimes it's good to think about the past
Reminds us of the wrong choices we've made, the wrong decisions we've done
Now, we learned our lessons, and hope for a better future to come
May it happen to all of us, including me and you! :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pink ♥

If it isn't obvious to almost everyone I know,
Pink is my favorite color! :P
Yesterday was Shilei's farewell, and we decided to throw a small gathering in my house.
Pink is the theme! (even Shilei agreed to my suggestion!!) No coercion was required :P

The desserts and drinks were pink! Even the vodka.. hehe

Baskin Robbin's Peanut Butter & Choc, mmmm my fav!

Muffins ♥

Our self-made lunch (Looks like little girl's tea party, I know.)
♥ the plate btw. It's pink!

The girls and me :)
Jess was late that day hehe.

Anyways am going to miss the blur sotong Lim Shilei!!
hehe.. best of luck in China! (And also finding a hot chinese BF hahaha)


Sunday, August 29, 2010

If you haven't changed your mind..


guess who? :P
my baby Lucky boyyyy ! ♥ hehe
just some crap I did with paint when I was so effing bored!
Made this in 5 mins.. or less :)

Life's currently...good to me.
Still have 1 month more for my summer break hols!
I've been watching movies/tv series nowadays to pass my time.
Another marathon for Vampire Diaries Season 1!
Can't wait for season 2!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Look with your heart, and not with your eyes..

Am back from Europe!!!! (at last!!)
5 weeks was a bit too long, nonetheless it was an awesome and fun vacation.
One of my favorite moments was visiting a London theater to watch Love Never Dies, a sequel of Phantom of the Opera.. :)

Another was my trip to Rome, Italy.
The Colloseum was breathtaking!
our hotel's street could see the historical monument and I literally screamed!!
How awesome is that?

There are also other lots and lots of epic moments during my trip,
and I am either too lazy or too forgetful to remember all of them!!
But as some people say, pictures speak louder than words!!! (bullsh*t, hehe)
(more like actions, but in my case, I am too lazy to post 'em here)
check out my Facebook photo album if you want to see 'em.


Friday, July 30, 2010

Winter Sleep

I miss home

I miss Lucky
I miss Daddy
I miss Shakey
I miss Rooney
I miss Wing Yan, and the mahjong gang
I miss Szelin and Shin Yii my babes
I miss you :(

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Taking off...

In 24 hours or so.. :)
Am going to miss everything back home!!!
My bed, my pillow, my laptop, Lucky, Rooney, Shakey, my dad, bro, and of course, my friends!!!
I'm sooo gonna miss lazing around my home too.. :(
Will be gone to Europe until the 15th of August.
My handphone doesn't have international roaming,
so yeah.. going to be out of touch for 5 weeks :(((

Anyways, take care.
I'll miss YOU!!! (yes you :D )

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

well, all the wishes I already said..
no need to say it here :)
so yeah, LOVE YOU BABE! :D

Gosh, babe I hope you don't need a poem right?
Remember the poem you wrote when we were in Form 5 and we're leaving high school?
HAHAHA damn "yuk ma"..
but I like it, thanks haha!

On the other hand, I want to take this chance to say an early birthday wish to my dear
Birthday girl on August 4th..
So sorry babe I can't celebrate your 21st with you, I really hope I can.
I will buy something nice for you in Europe, don't ya worry~


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Post #7

Bella: You're pale white and ice cold...I know what you are.

Edward: Say it. ..Say it!

Bella: Vanilla Ice Cream


Can't wait to see Eclipse on 8th of July!
The thing is, I'm going to Europe on 8th July (night flight)
Well, but I do hope that I get tickets to watch it during the morning >.<
Go Jacob! :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Untitled #15

Hello hello hello!!
Went to Seremban yesterday for a dinner function..
My uncle was elected to be Rotary Club Seremban's President
and he invited us to the banquet..

on the way to Seremban..
got bored and..

My uncle's face in the middle of the stage. hehe

The high rankings wear red coats @.@
Haha.. seems like back to school once more for them

moi and moi's family :D

my mum, ah yis and aunty... and that annoying little cute brat :)

my mama, her sisters and one annoying kid..

They had raffle draw...
our table itself won 3 draws..
so lucky..

This one belongs to me!! :D

This 1 belongs to the annoying brat..

And this is my grandpa's!! :D

Grandpa's prize was the first 1 to give away.
When the lady called out his number, he still blur blur..
So I went up to collect the prize for him instead haha..

The 2nd prize to give away was also from our table..
which is the annoying brat's.. XD

If I'm not mistaken, my prize was the 4th or 5th prize..

See how many tickets we bought?
My mum bought RM60 worth of tickets.
1 raffle ticket costs RM5.. so we have 12 tickets. LOL.
If din kena means that we really damn suay lor..

From the pic, my prizelooks damn big right??
guess whats inside????

and nah, its not a mug. its a flower pot that looks like mug.
and its bigger than ordinary mugs of course.
should have taken a pic of comparison XD
The box has a light bulb picture on it,
I thought they were going to give some electrical appliance..
Mana tau is this lousy flower pot. XD
I guess that sponsor that provided the prize knows that my dad loves gardening!

As for today, went to Sunway Pyramid with Shin Yii and Szelin.
Bought a lot of stuff..
Shirt, lipstick, belt, and more.. forgot.. hahaha
that's all for now..

signing out