Monday, March 29, 2010

25th March ♥ Cousins Gathering

hey peeps! :D
Went to a gathering last Thursday..
with my 2 cousins ♥
We went to The Garden's Sushi Zanmai for dinner :)
Was good and delicious!
Next stop is for our dessert.

alexis! :)
tee hee!
their brownies are really delicious!!

We also ordered Pavlova! not bad as well! :D

Pictures speak a thousand words!!
So, being the lazy me..
Just view the pix la kay? :P


Friday, March 19, 2010

Random Post #6

Went Jusco this afternoon
Ate lunch with Shin Yii @ Old Town
Was suppose to fetch her but end up her fetching me =(
'cos my stomach ache came back again.. sigh
Bought a new eyeliner from Revlon
Love it :)
Doesn't smudge at all !!
And its RM27.. got sale. Not bad hehe.
Then, she fetched me back and I got a text from Szelin to go Leisure Mall for some shopping.
Too bad Shin Yii can't join 'cos she have to jaga her dad's store..
Walked around with Szelin and she bought earrings for annual dinner :)
Then, we had lunch/early dinner in Boston :)
Chatted for quite some time there.
说心事 :)
Later, we went back to her house and checked our stocks .
And some accounting (altho kinda messed up)
But got la profit.
Anyways, it was kinda a nice experience to sell stuff.
At least it's something that I am interested in
(receiving money, that is :P)
'cos hor.. I'm a totally 'Neutral Girl' (nicknamed by Shin Yii)
I am seldom interested in stuff :P
Apa pun takda minat ><
Patutlah orang pun macam bosan saja :D
Also got another nickname from Shilei.. "Cool Girl'
Great :(
Am treating this blog a little bit better these days :)
Au revoir.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

of filling the missing spaces

Been DAMN lazy to update this thing.
Got some complaints by my friends..
So here I am..
crapping most probably.

Went to watch Alice in Wonderland on March 12th

was nice, kinda love it.
Very magical and funny.
Loved Johnny Depp's acting.
My rating for this movie : 7/10


Last night my uni held a carnivale.
Helped my sis to sell some of her blog's stuff.
Earned not much, but better than nothing :)

friends that helped out to deco my store and more! THANK YOU!
Sadly I was not inside the pics =(

The carnivale started at 6pm and ended at midnight.
Then, we went for McD supper at around 1.30am
Reached home at 2am
Pillow talked with my dear Shilei until 4 something in the morning.
*quote Gwen Stefani's song*
But no tears are pouring la if you're wondering. =P

Now I'm sitting in front of the computer, doing nothing when I should be starting my Econs assignment
*scrolls to the calendar*
GOD DAMMIT its March 18th already.
Deadline on early April.
Maybe I should touch a bit on the assignment. Hmm..

Random pic from my lappie :)
with naughty but cute cousin outside a seafood restaurant in somewhere :P

signing off
♥ zhiyuen

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Untitled #11

If only my dream could become a reality..
How I wish..

currently listening to Dreamcatcher by Alexandre Desplat.