Wednesday, December 30, 2009

too ow wan ow

Math question!
What's 18954360 - 18952350?

2010 of course!

Everyone is asking now, "What are your new year resolutions?"
"What are your hopes and dreams for the coming new year?"

Well.. my answer is...
um well.. I don't know.
Maybe pass my exam this coming January?

The year 2009 is quite a ride for me.
With ups and downs, tips and turns.
With a blink of an eye, here I am now,
sitting in front of my laptop blogging about the end of year 2009.

At first, I was not inspired to blog about my past memories of year 2009.
However, Shin Yii told me I haven't been blogging lately and why not blog about the new year?
Flipping through the calendars, and my previous blog posts,
I didn't know that actually I really had a great time in year 2009.

First off, January.
I had my trip with my girls Shin Yii, Shilei, Chloe and Sheirly to Singapore.
This is actually the first time I went overseas for a trip with friends.
Normally, my parents wouldn't even allow me to go to Genting or Cameron with my friends.

This was the month of my first driving experience driving manual car
Rolled downhill a few times.
Damn, I hate manual cars.

Next, March.
I went to the beautiful island called Koh Samui situated in Thailand with my family.
The island is very lovely and the food there...
Oh gosh.. HEAVEN!
I still miss the tom yum goong over there.

April was the month I received my P driving license.
only 8 months of experience in driving!
Minus the times I were in NS (3 months) that leaves 5 months?
And I drive to class everyday!
Other than that, April was the month of my University's Annual Dinner.
I had a great time and after prom, it was my first time going to a club.
And I was underage.
Good times.

Nothing much in may, except that I got my new Nokia E66 that month.
I bought it with my own money..

June was the month I went to Singapore (again).
But this time, I went there with my sis and my cousin.
Yes, only us 3 girls. We stayed at a distant relative's house.
A few days after my Singapore trip, I went to another "vacation" to Port Dickson.
My vacation consists of marching, shooting, eating dog food, going to classes, etc.
My so called "vacation" is called as
National Service or Program Latihan Khidmat Negara to others.
However un-fun and un-cool it sounds, it is, ironically, fun and cool.
But one of the highlights for my NS was that the H1N1 influenza hit our camp
(most of the camps, I heard)
and I was among the 90/120 quarantined in a separate dorm.
As many people say, good times passed by quickly.
And then, my NS life was over and I came back to civilization on early September.

The month of my birthday.
It was a happy birthday.
I celebrated it with my group of friends from my University.
I was exactly 18 years old that day.
That month was a new beginning, and an end to another.

November was quite a rough month.
I almost got into 2 car accidents, in just 5 days.
I blame the bad weather :P
Yeah, it was raining almost everyday during that month. (especially during late afternoons)
November was also the month where I got my new laptop, Acer Timeline 4810TZ.

December. What about it?
Nothing much. Study, study and more study!
I went to Nigel's Christmas party 2 weeks ago.
Went to watch 4 movies in 3 days in a row.
And while I'm on that,
I was alone for X'mas and New Year because my parents are overseas.

Oh year 2010,
could you PLEASE bring me good luck, good health, love and happiness?
I would love that ;)

Last but not least,

Happy Merry Jolly New Year 2010 my friends!

signing off

Monday, December 14, 2009

define h.o.t.

The title of this post says it all..
How do you girls define H.O.T.
In this case, guys, of course.

From the infamous footballer Christiano Ronaldo..
to the hunky and breath-taking Gerard Butler..
Girls have different opinions to define the term H.O.T. about the guy of their dreams.

Some love the down-to-earth type , or boy-next-door type

like David Henrie from Wizards of Waverly Place..

or even the simple yet charming and gorgeous type of guy..

like Wentworth Miller from Prison Break..

Or, on the other hand,
Asian hotties, for instance,

Won Bin from Korea..

or Jimmy Lin from Taiwan?

Some girls may even fall head over heels over a guy that another girl thinks is NOT hot at all
For example,

Robert Pattinson, or famously known as Edward Cullen from Twilight.

SERIOUSLY girls, what is so hot about him?
He's so pale.. and skinny.. and..... scruffy.. *ugh*

Last but not least, my favourite hottie at the moment :)
Taylor Lautner, famously known as Jacob Black from Twilight.

I am SO Team Jacob dude!

and.. this bothers me A LOT.
I mean, Jacob being gay is the least part of it..
THE worst part is that he is hugging EDWARD!
He should hug either Wentworth Miller, or even Won Bin..

Sunday, December 13, 2009

fuel tanker tragedy

I went back to my hometown in Jelebu, N9 yesterday to celebrate birthday ..
On the way there, my dad and I saw an accident scene.
Firstly, I saw a tall coconut tree, burnt..
Something creepy about the tree.. > <
So, my dad and I was curious what happened..
He slowed down the car and we took a good look at what happened at that place
The land was all black and burnt..
There was a burnt vehicle in the middle of the burnt house..
Then, today, my mum told me there was a fuel tanker that drove too fast
and lost control over the vehicle, and crashed on the house near the corner side of the road.
This is the article from TheStar today:

Sunday December 13, 2009

Fuel tanker ploughs into house, killing driver and two siblings


SEREMBAN: A widow, who had to leave her two young children behind to attend a course, will regret not taking them along for the rest of her life.

Minutes after Mariani Cembeng, 45, left her home at Kg Batu Ulu Klawang at 8.40am yesterday, a tanker carrying some 32,000 litres of fuel ploughed into her house beside the Seremban - Kuala Klawang road and burst into flames, killing the siblings and the driver.

The children - Anisah Hanapiah, 15, and her brother Mohd Hafiz, seven - were killed on the spot. Their charred bodies were found at 10.20am by firemen, huddled in what used to be the living room of their house, which was razed to the ground.

Destroyed: Firemen struggling to put out the fire from the oil tanker which ploughed into a house in Kg Batu Ulu Klawang yesterday. — Bernama

Driver Samsulkahar Bahudin, 36, from Malacca, crawled out of the burning vehicle with 60% burns on his body but collapsed and died.

It is believed that he had been negotiating a sharp bend along the notorious Bukit Tangga stretch towards a Petronas station in Kuala Klawang when he lost control of the tanker, causing it to plunge into the house located four metres below in a valley.

Villagers reported hearing at least two explosions following the crash.

The accident scene resembled a war zone, with the inferno from the blaze even engulfing several 10m tall coconut trees nearby.

It is understood that this was the second time a heavy vehicle had been involved in an accident at the same spot. A tanker filled with latex had overturned just outside Mariani’s house five months ago.

Razed: Both the house and tanker were totally destroyed in the horrific incident.

Jelebu Fire and Rescue chief Adzhar Che Onn said preliminary investigations showed that the tanker might have been speeding and that it had also struck a Mercedes-Benz parked at the road shoulder along the stretch.

He said although firemen managed to douse the fire within 90 minutes, they continued to spray water onto the site due to the strong petrol smell in the air.

When met later, Mariani, who had rushed home on hearing the news, said she could feel her heart beating fast when she saw fire engines, ambulances and police cars overtaking her vehicle.

“All I could think of was my children. I was shocked to see my house burning.

“I rushed towards it but the firemen stopped me,” she said, adding that her two younger children had been close and always looked out for each other.

“I can’t say anything more. I accept this as God’s will,” she said in between sobs.

Mariani, whose husband died two years ago, has two other children.

In a statement, Petronas Dagangan Bhd said it would take necessary action against the fleet operator involved in the incident.

“The authorities and representatives of Petronas Dagangan and the third-party fleet operator, which transports its products, were there to carry out mitigation action and investigate the cause of the accident,” it said, expressing its regrets and condolences to the family of the victims.


Really scary.
Hard to imagine the burnt land that I saw contained the dead bodies of 3 human.
Oh well, life is short :(

Sunday, December 6, 2009



and half is gone!!

R.I.P L'occitane rose4reines bath& shower gel 500ml =(

Friday, December 4, 2009



当我最需要爱 。。



再偷偷好起来 。。

Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's raining!

watched Ninja Assassin @ Jusco Cheras Selatan yesterday

it was a nice movie, worth watching.
I'll give it a rating of 6.5/10
Not bad, the storyline was okay.
Rain's body is good, I can't deny that fact hahaa
but the funny part was in that movie, his hair was not made properly ('cos he's a ninja, duh)
and so, a lot of girls were dissapointed.
inside the movie theater, u can hear the girls say "EEEWWW" when Rain first showed up in Ninja Assassin scene. (bad hair, maybe)

lookie! the parking ticket -- the ticket machine at the exit was spoilt,
so the management gave the cars out without puting the ticket into the machine =D

and look! (you can see a faint printing above that says 20:29)
cukup cukup 2 hour, so I don't need to pay RM1 for the parking =)

emo face =="

I shall end this post with an interesting topic/question --


comment! =D