Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Little Teddy ♥

Teddy is my cute new little puppy!
He's also super naughty.
Glutton as well!
He doesn't like piano, and when I played the piano, he would bark.
(or maybe he loves it and sang along? no idea :P)

Gah, I'm super bored~! :(

Saturday, October 16, 2010


The other day I was watching L Change The World and thought to myself...

Hmm.. this "L" seems familiar.
Few days later I was so bored I randomly picked a tube of shower gel from my dressing table
and took a sniff ( I love the scent of Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B perfume )
and then I looked at the logo...

Hmm,... seems familiar as well!
The 2 of the logos looked almost alike!
No surprise there because Gwen Stefani's quite famous for her Harajuku Girls.

On another occasion, I was out with my parents to The Gardens & Mid Valley
we were shopping @ Isetan because there was sales!!!
Mummy was trying on clothes and I wandered around to see what's nice..
I came back to my parents and randomly told my dad,
"Dad, I want Nike shoes!!"
Surprisingly, he said
"Let's go" (to the Nike area)
At first there's this striking PINK trainers that caught my eye..
hehe, but in the end I bought a blue one!

Tadaaaa! :D
my early birthday present from my parents =)
So blueeeee... !! (I hope someone's not afraid of the STRIKING blue...:P)

We went to Din Tai Fung in The Gardens for lunch and I saw this couple.
They were about the age of 60~70 both of them grey-haired with glasses.
The woman is an Asian (Not sure if she's Malaysian) with LONG hair..
Seldom see ah ma with LONG grey hair (Long till buttocks)
Her husband is some Caucasion ah gong..
Both of them are reading books (and none of them talking/looking at each other)
kinda a weird sight for me.. especially in a restaurant..
and I don't think they were even eating..
maybe they mistaken the restaurant as a library? ;p hehe

Currently its the 3rd week going on 4th week of the 1st Semester of my Year 2..
Seems like exam is so near.. hahaha
Yesterday went to Shin Yii's house because we decided to STUDY..
end up we didn't touch the book but instead did our blog, Whimsical Needs .
Oh well, I hope I would be hardworking later and touch on some topics.