Sunday, February 20, 2011

你是好人, 也是个坏人.

Dear bloggie,
These few days have been so dull..
It's kinda hard to pass my time recently..
Have been watching the TV, watching drama, watching movie and so on...
Oh, and reading TVD book (Which, to my disappointment, slightly boring.. where I may end up sleeping after 30 minutes of reading it)
Currently listening to my playlist songs..
It's so boring! Almost the same songs over and over again..
Tho it consists of 179 songs.. it all seems so.. same..

I wish that I could run away somewhere..
maybe Europe..
I want to go to Europe!
For traveling purposes of course.., not for studying.
I want to visit those lovely countries!
France, especially.
And London. Oh, how I miss you so much!
I want to go to the theater so badly!
Oh white prince, where art thou white prince? :P

I feel so numb :(
God save me please!!!

signing off