Monday, January 26, 2009

100th post!

this is my 100th post!!
I'll dedicate this post to.......
what else?

wishing you guys a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!

may the year of ox bring you luck, happiness and prosperity (:

♥ ZhiYuen

Saturday, January 24, 2009

singapore trip

it's been sooooooooo long since I blogged :D
well, the reasons are that I've been busy with my final exam
and I went to Singapore with my friends last Monday till Thursday :D
well.. I'm sooo lazy to write about my whole trip right now,
but I'll write 'em as soon as I had the mood.
so.. wait yeah guys (:

*edit 25/1*

Singapore Trip 19/1 - 22/1

Day 1
Woke up early in the morning and got ready to go to the train station.
Waited for Chloe for quite long and then off we go..
Then, we picked up Shin Yii and reached the Kajang KTM at about 8.40am..
Just as we arrived, we saw Sheirly and Shilei walking towards the station..
hmm... sat inside the KTM for a long 7 hour ride..

chloe and me.. shilei at the back.. haha!

BORED till death, thank god I bought snacks :D
watched the same advertisement OVER and OVER again
there's this adverstisement that is 7 minutes long..
not interesting AT ALL.
it's some boring malay company ad..
they really need to fire those who r in charge of that advertisement..
Not bad for a second class seat as we had a movie to watch.. Poseidon

lol. not this Poseidon . this is some Greek God I think.. (looks like Little Mermaid's father)

This Poseidon :D the upside down ship!!!

great movie. I like the part where Fergie hugged that black guy and they die together :D
we finally reached Singapore at about 4 pm..
at the moment we step our foot outside the train station,
some Indian van driver asked us if we need a ride to our hotel.
Hah, good businessman I must say :P
you see, we have 5 people but cabs only can take 4 people.
see our problem? =/
Then, we checked in to Strand Hotel and got ready to head out again :D

our family suite~ xD

on that day, we spend most of our time shopping at Orchard Road..
from Takashimaya to eating dinner in Atria..

us. behind us is a fountain at Ngee Ann City's main entrance

it was a good day at first. now let's head over to Day 2

Day 2
Woke up at about 8 something and had our English breakfast.
Then, we head over to the MRT and sat all the way to Jurong East..
there's some complications in the middle but we finally land our feet at d Science Center :P

a dinosaur at the main entrance?!?!

It's a little bit different than the time I went there.. about 4 or more years ago xD

see the 4 humans in between the chess sets? :D

OMG shilei for dinner!! :D

SMELL me!! xD

pewwww wheeet!!! so sweet~~


It's very interesting and the price is also affordable..
at $16 you can only buy half a shirt in Orchard Road.
Its Singapore.
They fine people at almost anything..
From littering to not flushing after you've done your nature call.
The land of money lovers.
but who doesn't love money?
back to my story,
Singapore's Science Center is a good place for tourist like me to visit..
you can take pics inside as you like..
We also went to Snow City.
City? I wouldn't name it as "City"
more like.. "kampung" or "a piece of freaking small land"
they had a few decorations for taking pics
and also a tiny piece of land to play tube-sliding..
wat's tube-sliding?
you take a tube and you climb about a 100 stairs (not that many la, I'm just exaggerating)
and you slide down the slope..
kinda fun actually.
but thats all.. inside Snow "City"

b4 entering Snow "City"

but it's a good experience nonetheless.
Can't complain much..
but the one in China is WAY better. forgot what name it is called.
After our long and tiring trip to Science Center,
we head our way to Chinatown ..Smith Street.
ate the famous Hainan Chicken Rice..
not to say it's very delicious.. it's okay okay only la..
can't compare to Malaysia's wan la of course..
way better =/
my mum cook punya rice WAY fragrant than Singapore's.
kononnya Singapore is food heaven place pulak =.=
diao la.. some Singaporeans attitude really kenot help lar..
they're very similar to Hong Kong people..
bad attitude..
want to know why I dislike them?? read on..

Day 3
Woke up at about 7 something in the morning and ate the same English Breakfast.
Then, we wanted to hire a van to take us to the Singapore Zoo..
ta ma de the receptionist there..
we ask the uncle to hire a van for us..
den he go and ask a lady..
den that lady shout at the poor old man in cantonese (like we don't understand)
and said "AIYO they so small ask them to sit MRT better la!!"
we were like "WTF??"
after that we were swearing and scolding her for calling us "small"
and she thought we didn't know how to listen to cantonese.
mother biatch you so ugly even female chimpanzees in the zoo are more pretty.
but we got into a van nonetheless.
Singapore Zoo is a good place to visit if you're visiting Singapore..
their animals can roam free without being in cages.
especially orang utans (:
but of course, not the lions and white tigers. XD

cute white tiger swimming :D

but there will be some barrier to prevent tourists from touching the animals la, duh.
not like Africa like that if you get what I mean..
White Tigers there are WHOAH...
heard of the white tiger that killed a dumb man in Singapore?
but I have to admit.. the tigers are super adorable when they swim!!
their little paws (not little la actually) paddling and their feet wiggling around like that
and their head pop out from the water.. xD
we also saw when the zookeepers feed the tigers..
they're really good at catching their food leh..
can jump and use two paws and catch.. damn pro..
overall, it's a good experience and we didn't regret choosing this tour over Sentosa..
we actually planned to go Sentosa Island but it's too costly for us..
Singapore Zoo's entrance fee is only $23 ..
but we bought it for $21 from the van uncle (:
however, the animal shows there are not as great as the ones in Thailand..
but it's still okay and worth our time watching..

little kancil (:

nice shot of a butterfly resting on top of a screw @.@

meer(something, I forgot) look! its looking at the camera :D
After our zoo trip we head over to chinatown once again and shopped around..
the moment that most of you are anticipating for..
why I dislike Singaporeans??
got la, this uncle selling those Taiwan candies..
I bought about $2 of goodies and I only have $1.50 in small change and a big $50 note.
so I waited for that uncle to give his change to my friend (I wanted to borrow money from her) which have $3 of goodies..
she paid $10 but that stupid uncle that think he's smart gave her $5 in change..
so we told him, we don't want to share share and give him the money ($3+$2=$5)
so I politely asked him to give her back the remaining $2..
you know what he did??
he act smart and say "WHAT??you all share share la you give $10 I give you $5 back lor"
ta ma de.. I persuade him so many time and he refuse to give her back the $2..
summore lie to us say he dun have $2 coins..
we are young but we ain't dumb la ah pek!
you doing small business like that takkan tak ada coins?? kiss my feet.
I can't stand it any longer, then I said I don't want my candies anymore..
you know what he did after that??
he asked me to put the candies back in place..
I was like "WTF??"
bloody uncle with full of eye shits.
may you suffer in hell when you die, which is quite soon..
ta ma de.. on the way back to our hotel also got some attitude problem uncles..
we were deciding which bus to take and then
we didn't know we were blocking their way to the bus..
then got a few uncles say "Go away la.. your blocking the way"
OMG.. beh tahan them lar.. so rude man..
summore give us the "HEIIYOHHHH" irritating sound..
WTF man..
thats why Singapore's tourism industry getting bad la..
beautiful country ruined by ugly people with lousy attitude..
nonetheless there are also good people in Singapore la..
oh and btw, that uncle with full of eye shits made me cry..
cos he's so fierce and keep saying "If your a guy I'll beat you up"
or something like dat..
Then of course my friends defended me la..
den the crowd see why that old uncle bully a young girl.. haha..
I hope you get fired by your boss la ah pek..

Day 4
woke up late at about 9 something in the morning.
was suppose to wake up at 8am to buy the yummy Ritz Apple Strudel before we leave Singapore.
Saw the time and quickly brushed my teeth and changed my clothes..
Me and Shilei thought it's too late to wake the others up so we went on our own instead..
took a bus to Bugis Junction, which is a shopping complex..
walked to Ritz but found out that it only opens at 12 noon =.=
really zadao..
then, we had breakfast at some place.. the food sucks, no questions asked..
waited damn long until the shop opens..
did not regret cos the apple strudel and the cream puffs there are delicious :D

looked what me and Shilei found outside starbucks? LOL..
Singapore is clean? think again...

After that, we hopped on the van and reached the train station at about 1.35pm..
before that, we passed by the Merlion and realized we forgot to take a pic with it =(
anyway, we sat first class seat this time.. but it was far worst than 2nd class..
1st of all, there's no movie.. cos the TV has no signal..
second of all, when we reached Tampin (which is one stop before reaching Seremban)
the train had some technical problem..
b4 that the train suddenly moved backwards and then continued its journey..
we stopped at Tampin for quite a long time.. maybe about 30-45 mins I suppose..
and then we reached Seremban and waited for another half an hour
Then, they made an announcement that their train had some problem
and we have to change train.. (which is a normal KTM train)
and they say the train will reach in 5 min =.=
WTH.. 1st class konon!!!
have to move our luggage from one side to the other side..
need to walk up the stairs summore =.="
gave RM60 for this????
really pissed me off..
Reached Kajang KTM at about 10 something..
reached home at 11 something ..
was suppose to reach the station at 9pm lor..
late 1 hour plus.. walaoeh..

so there... my trip to Singapore..
both good and bad times there..
but nonetheless it's fun to travel overseas with my friends (:

p/s: for more pics, please visit my facebook(the link is on the left) thanks! :D
♥ ZhiYuen

Monday, January 5, 2009

Tag Number 18

Hey guys! (:
I got taggy tagged by Wingggggggg Yan!

Directions : Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don’t forget to leave a comment (“You’re tagged!”), and to read your blog, you can’t tag a person who tagged you. Since you can’t tag me, let me know when you’ve posted your blog, so I can see your weirdness.

Before I start......
at first I thought this tag is about 20 facts bout me..
but when I see the instructions..
I should write about random things instead..
well... since I've done that random tag before,
I shall stick to 20 facts about me, so here goes :D

Fact One .:. My name is Zhi Yuen and there's guys name who is Zhi Yuen too, oh yes :D

Fact Two .:. I'm 18 this year! Legal age baby! But I'm ALWAYS allowed to go into 18sg/pl/sx movies. MUAHAHAHA.. (eventhough I'm still 17/16) (: maybe I look old lmfao. xD

Fact Three .:. can't see your face if you're 10 feet away. Sorry, but my eye power is 200+ and sometimes I don't wear specs. =/ I'll look fugly T_T

Fact Four .:. I hate bitches =/, I mean A LOT! Well, this fact should be known to most of my friends :D

Fact Five .:. I miss high school!

Fact Six .:. I'm the youngest in my family. Thus, always get bullied =/

Fact Seven .:. LOVES pink. Like, ALOT.

Fact Eight .:. Won't be afraid to tell about my feelings/opinions towards something

Fact Nine .:. My bag got stolen after only 2 weeks using it.

Fact Ten .:. allergic to mint, somehow. Will sometimes sneeze if I eat mint candies; Eg: mentos, eclipse, etc..

Fact Eleven .:. Loves my friends and will not fear to help them out when they need my help.

Fact Twelve .:. I keep people's birthday in my phone calendar.. 'cos I'm a forgetful person =/

Fact Thirteen .:. Wants to go to Paris, France for her honeymoon xD

Fact Fourteen .:. can me emotional, at times

Fact Fifteen .:. I love my cute little piggy ^(oo)^

Fact Sixteen .:. Loves cotton candy although her piggy always dun wanna buy it for her =(

Fact Seventeen .:. Has 2 dogs, Lucky the Shih Tzu + some other kind and Rooney the cocker spaniel. Love them both, a lot!! (don't know how to spell those dog types)

Fact Eighteen .:. Hates studying!!! especially MANAGEMENT!!!

Fact Nineteen .:. hates it when my decisions are interrupted by something or someone

Fact Twenty .:. going NS this June =/ Coincidentally, I have holidays during that period.. 'cos it's after my Foundation studies and before my Degree starts =)

5 people that i'll tag...
1. piggy man xD
2. wan xuan
3. ronald teoh
4. anna
5. weing seen, you better do this and my other tag as well!! :P


Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year 2009

hey guys!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009.. !!

hope you people have a great year!!
and I bet u had a good NYE celebration.. better than mine, that's for sure :D

have a great year, peeps!
♥ ZhiYuen