Thursday, April 9, 2009

UNMC Annual Dinner 2009

hey guys!!
I'm back again with another post! hehe..
this time.. a more interesting topic!!
my uni's ANNUAL DINNER!!
it was taken place @ Sunway Hotel..
it was a splendid and marvelous night.. take a look at the pics ;)

my hairdo!! :D ain't it pretty?me and cute shin yii!! hehepose? :Pme and shishi..shin yii, me, woon and shishi ☺
camwhoring when it's dark @ ballroom!us and yen wynn.. and jun hin.. hahaha... lucky guysme & hwa siang.. xDme & jon.. nice pic =)the girls!!!! :D
the girls again!! :Dgroup photo! I super love this pic!! :Dour GANG! love them to bits.. but edited pic looks and shin yii camwhoring before heading to MOS next door (downstairs to be precise)
MOS entrance :D love this pic as well!!Euphoria! me and sharon.. :)after everything!! around 3am midnight.

well, that's my 1st time clubbing (lol. not even dancing over there)
honestly guys.. I don't think clubbing is my thing..

I went to the dance floor for 5 seconds and I almost can't breathe..
not only that, I feel dizzy because of the lighting (keep blinking)
unabling me to focus where I was going..
I desperately gasp for air and shove my way out of the crowd..
I almost fainted actually..
maybe it's cos I put on my contacts for too long, or my super high heels are killing me..
or maybe the music practically suck. (techno, ugh)
either way..
I don't think I'll go clubbing anytime soon.

Well, as for my mates you guys sure wonder how come I went to a club..
well.. it's cos my annual dinner ticket provides a free entrance to MOS..
why reject the offer worth RM50 plus?

But anyway, I had a good experience nonetheless..
my friend opened 2 Chivas worth RM840 and we got away without paying him.
ahahaha.. well, I did not drink that much also..
took only 1 or 2 sip.. that's all..
But vodka plus orange juice is quite nice I must say...

nothing else to say already..
will post if something interesting comes up (and if I have time, lol)

good night all!
♥ ZhiYuen

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