Wednesday, December 30, 2009

too ow wan ow

Math question!
What's 18954360 - 18952350?

2010 of course!

Everyone is asking now, "What are your new year resolutions?"
"What are your hopes and dreams for the coming new year?"

Well.. my answer is...
um well.. I don't know.
Maybe pass my exam this coming January?

The year 2009 is quite a ride for me.
With ups and downs, tips and turns.
With a blink of an eye, here I am now,
sitting in front of my laptop blogging about the end of year 2009.

At first, I was not inspired to blog about my past memories of year 2009.
However, Shin Yii told me I haven't been blogging lately and why not blog about the new year?
Flipping through the calendars, and my previous blog posts,
I didn't know that actually I really had a great time in year 2009.

First off, January.
I had my trip with my girls Shin Yii, Shilei, Chloe and Sheirly to Singapore.
This is actually the first time I went overseas for a trip with friends.
Normally, my parents wouldn't even allow me to go to Genting or Cameron with my friends.

This was the month of my first driving experience driving manual car
Rolled downhill a few times.
Damn, I hate manual cars.

Next, March.
I went to the beautiful island called Koh Samui situated in Thailand with my family.
The island is very lovely and the food there...
Oh gosh.. HEAVEN!
I still miss the tom yum goong over there.

April was the month I received my P driving license.
only 8 months of experience in driving!
Minus the times I were in NS (3 months) that leaves 5 months?
And I drive to class everyday!
Other than that, April was the month of my University's Annual Dinner.
I had a great time and after prom, it was my first time going to a club.
And I was underage.
Good times.

Nothing much in may, except that I got my new Nokia E66 that month.
I bought it with my own money..

June was the month I went to Singapore (again).
But this time, I went there with my sis and my cousin.
Yes, only us 3 girls. We stayed at a distant relative's house.
A few days after my Singapore trip, I went to another "vacation" to Port Dickson.
My vacation consists of marching, shooting, eating dog food, going to classes, etc.
My so called "vacation" is called as
National Service or Program Latihan Khidmat Negara to others.
However un-fun and un-cool it sounds, it is, ironically, fun and cool.
But one of the highlights for my NS was that the H1N1 influenza hit our camp
(most of the camps, I heard)
and I was among the 90/120 quarantined in a separate dorm.
As many people say, good times passed by quickly.
And then, my NS life was over and I came back to civilization on early September.

The month of my birthday.
It was a happy birthday.
I celebrated it with my group of friends from my University.
I was exactly 18 years old that day.
That month was a new beginning, and an end to another.

November was quite a rough month.
I almost got into 2 car accidents, in just 5 days.
I blame the bad weather :P
Yeah, it was raining almost everyday during that month. (especially during late afternoons)
November was also the month where I got my new laptop, Acer Timeline 4810TZ.

December. What about it?
Nothing much. Study, study and more study!
I went to Nigel's Christmas party 2 weeks ago.
Went to watch 4 movies in 3 days in a row.
And while I'm on that,
I was alone for X'mas and New Year because my parents are overseas.

Oh year 2010,
could you PLEASE bring me good luck, good health, love and happiness?
I would love that ;)

Last but not least,

Happy Merry Jolly New Year 2010 my friends!

signing off

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