Sunday, April 11, 2010

Outing - 4/10

Went to Ampang for lunch today :)
Shin Yii had been craving for Korean food for ages~
So we decided to go eat it after our assignment.

Our driver of the day - Mr. Trix Teng..
So shy.. dun want to take pics..

Sadly, we forgot to take pics of the food~
The food was not bad.
My rating for the food there is 4/10
Average la, could have been worse.
(Ain't a fan of Korean food)

Then, Trix drove us to Leisure Mall~
And... we went Starbucks!! :D
Green Tea Latte.. ~!!
A must-try ;)
Although it looks damn nasty .. (like diarrhea)
it actually tastes kinda delicious :)

Shin Yii.



Yii & Szelin.


After that, Szeten fetched us back~
But he got hungry and brought us to Pappa Rich XD

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