Thursday, May 20, 2010

pink fever!

seems like a decade ago since I last blogged about something.
I had a lot in mind on what I should blog about during my exams
now?? I forgot what I wanted to blog about already.. Great
*slaps forehead*

I should have made a note on what I should blog about during my exams..

What should I start on?
Hmm... ooooh!
I screwed the first paper up..
subsequent papers wasn't that well as well..
OK. cutting the crap.
Now, its time for celebration!
*throws confetti up in the air*
4 months of holiday.. anyone have suggestions what I should do?
Honestly, I wasn't that happy when the last paper was finished.
Because during the exam period I had exam to worry about.
and now, after exams, I HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.
*I'm worrying for worrying*

Anyways, went to Jusco with them girls just now.
2 Juscos..
Watched Ip Man 2. NICE!!
Been up in the theaters since so long ago, but we didn't have the chance to watch it due to freaking exams!!
I bought a lot of stuffs today :) !!!
A shirt, a bag and a shoe!!!
For some of you, it isn't a lot, but for me it is.
Since I seldom buy stuff for myself :( ..
I love pink, I don't know why.. it's just such an awe
some color.
Why la, why some people hate pink, sigh :(

BTW, today I broke my mirror..
I stepped on a small piece of the mirror..
my foot kinda bled alot...
Not sure if its bad luck or good luck (LOL)
But, dunno why after breaking the mirror, the shopaholic in me was awakened LOL

Here are some random pics from my phone camera.
The last 3 are my attempted photography taking skills..
(and please kindly ignore my ugly handwriting)


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