Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Look with your heart, and not with your eyes..

Am back from Europe!!!! (at last!!)
5 weeks was a bit too long, nonetheless it was an awesome and fun vacation.
One of my favorite moments was visiting a London theater to watch Love Never Dies, a sequel of Phantom of the Opera.. :)

Another was my trip to Rome, Italy.
The Colloseum was breathtaking!
our hotel's street could see the historical monument and I literally screamed!!
How awesome is that?

There are also other lots and lots of epic moments during my trip,
and I am either too lazy or too forgetful to remember all of them!!
But as some people say, pictures speak louder than words!!! (bullsh*t, hehe)
(more like actions, but in my case, I am too lazy to post 'em here)
check out my Facebook photo album if you want to see 'em.


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