Saturday, March 12, 2011

yo ho yo ho ! calling all bookworms 8D

Hello world!
My assignments' due dates are round the corner.
But guess what I'm doing recently?
online shopping, shopping and more shopping!
More of viewing and drooling over branded goods,
no money to buy. *sob*

Anyways, the main purpose of me blogging today is to intro everyone to my new (opened since mid of Jan, but considered new gua..) blogshop that sells secondhand novels!
take a peep at
Not only that, I'm calling all friends who wants to sell their pre-loved novels (no academics please! :P) to join forces with me (lol) and sell your books via my blogshop!
No hidden fees included la! (haha)
You'll get to keep all profits, but of course, you have to ship the books yourself.
I need more updates to increase traffic to my blog, so it's a win-win situation :D

Do drop me a mail via fb/msn/email or whatsover.
Include all the books detail (title, synopsis, price, condition)


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