Sunday, July 31, 2011

Overtime Kepong

Dear bloggie,
See! Told ya I would update you :P
(OK, sorry for being weird, talking to a.. virtual non-living thing.. lol)

Yesterday my uni friends and I went to Overtime Kepong.
Freaking 1. hour. drive.
There's one Overtime near by house (like 3 mins drive) tapi we went all the way to Kepong because Kah Wai's dad has a share in that branch..
We went there to celebrate Nigel and Shin Yii's b'day :)
Anyhoos... less talk more pics!

I love my ribbon hairband! :D
1 pound only. hehe

 Shin Yii & me :)
bad camwhoring skills la :(

Starker Lager ;)
But hor, I don't taste much difference between lager and aromatic Starker =.=
I don't really know how to appreciate beer lol.
All beer tastes almost the same to me..
Heineken, Carlsberg, Anchor, Tiger, Starker..... whats the difference? hehe
Unless you mean German beer. FTW la that one.

B'day peeps! :D
Ooops, not a really good pic of Nigel..
But the other pics can't see Shin Yii.. hmmm
Bad photography skills :(

Free flaming lamborghini!
Bottoms up! ;)

Nigel and me! :)

Last but not least, GROUP PIC! :D
No second round (mahjong @ Kah Wai's place) because we were all too tired!
Alcohol makes me sleepy. and want to pee.
Oh, and there's this drunk guy sitting behind our table.
Came our table and kacau.. Gan bei with us and all..
Quite funny.. lol.
Even gave Shin Yii tissue rose! So cute! (I mean the rose)
Tried to kacau Foong Yee also.. poor FY :(

Ahhh...good to unwind from work once in a while.
6 days per week sucks.

TTYL Bloggie!
(...Here I go again.... :P)

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