Tuesday, March 3, 2009

driving madness

Hey guys.. (:
I had my driving lessons yesterday..
was okay at the beginning..
learned how to park my car and the 3 point turn.
It was pretty awesome that the driving school was empty at that time..
which is almost impossible. (that's what my driving instructor said)
I had the place all to myself :D
It's pretty fun actually to drive around the place.

The bad part came when I was about to head back home ..
There's a steep road la to my house.
Had to stop at the traffic light summore.
The car engine died twice ):
wahhh. I was sooooo nervous la and I forgot about the steps steps lar :P
what clutch la what hand break la. >__<"

Overall, I think the car engine died thrice yesterday ):
I'm a lousy driver!! T_T
I shall stick to Auto cars when I get my P license!

signing out,
♥ ZhiYuen

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