Saturday, May 23, 2009

hey guys.
sorry that I've neglected my blog for a long time already.
getting real lazy to post something la nowadays.
altho I'm holiday`ing now.
Just finished my final paper for Foundation in Business on Wednesday.
hmm. What to start with?
I'm kinda stuck here. having writer's block.
che che =)
anyways, I shall start with Yin Yi's birthday party at her house~
OH. before I start, I did the sebaceous cyst surgery last Thursday in Pantai Hospital @ Bangsar
its kinda painful during the injection (to make the part numb) but its painless after that.
now I have an ugly scar and some thread on top of my right eyelid.. ahaha..
gonna take off the thread on Tues tho.
Back to my previous topic, let the photo do its job again k? =)

i look so PALE in tis pic ugh..

their mummy, the birthday girl, the pig and moi =)

Last week I went karaoke with Shin Yii, Fei Woon and LeiLei..
in The Mines..
missing 3 of them already =)
not gonna see them for 4 mths.

leilei and woon.

me n shin yii. Yogur Berry, anyone? :)

ahahaha this looks abit obscene XD

Then, went to Jusco Cheras Selatan with Wing Yan today~
Drove to her house at about 10am.
Got lost when I'm near her housing area XD
missed the right turning and went left instead x.X
ahhahaa.. and her dog is so cute XD little Coco.. (or however she spelt her name)
We watched Night At The Museum 2.

rating 6.5/10
not bad. some part are quite hilarious.

Then, we went for karaoke session in GreenBox.
my second karaoke session within a week.

if ur wondering whats the green and red thing, its juz some cover for hygienic purpose..
dun think negatively like some guy did *not gonna say who here to protect HIS privacy* :)

Wing's sad look. ahahaha

haih. wonder why I like this pose? ahaha.. looks bad but other pics of mine are worse.

love this pic =)

aaaahhhhhh.. ahahahha XD

BTW, my pics in GreenBox are taken with my new E66 that I just got yesterday.

nice huh? =) how nice if it has a pink version =(..

and last but not least..
RC level 27 (max level!)
this is 1 week late.. hehe
*end of story*

♥ ZhiYuen

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