Friday, January 8, 2010

Random Post #5

I went back to my mum's hometown last week in Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan
I went there with Wan Xuan and her mum (my aunt, duh 'cos WX's my cous)
and guess what??
boo ya!!

Spot the durians!! I can't count, there's too many!!

Well, my grandparents own an orchard that is home to many durian trees.
And there's been cases where their neighbours are taking those durian and selling them!
"Oh No!"
Well, we could easily sue them for trespassing and illegality :P
Shiz, I have to lay off from that Business Law book!
But, my grandparents are far too kind to do that!
and there's where I got it from ;)
So, instead of filing the lawsuit (which is a much more profitable way of course),
my grandpa tied his dogs in the orchard to guard those durians..

Pose for the camera!! :p

Other than eating durians, my cous and I played a fool around the land..

*snort snort* Wan Xuan and the pig. LOL!

On the other hand, today my parents just came back from U.K.!!
Unfortunately, they didn't buy anything for me =(
how sad, right?
But, they still brought back my very belated birthday gift from my dumb sis..
Say "Hello" to my bath set!!

There's a brush, soap, body butter, mist, shower gel, and lastly my favorite, shower cap!!
and its PINK!!

Well, that's all for my post today.
I shall end this with a random pic from my lappie.

Wala! The beautiful Eiffel Tower. Courtesy of my dumb sis that just got back from Paris!

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