Friday, March 19, 2010

Random Post #6

Went Jusco this afternoon
Ate lunch with Shin Yii @ Old Town
Was suppose to fetch her but end up her fetching me =(
'cos my stomach ache came back again.. sigh
Bought a new eyeliner from Revlon
Love it :)
Doesn't smudge at all !!
And its RM27.. got sale. Not bad hehe.
Then, she fetched me back and I got a text from Szelin to go Leisure Mall for some shopping.
Too bad Shin Yii can't join 'cos she have to jaga her dad's store..
Walked around with Szelin and she bought earrings for annual dinner :)
Then, we had lunch/early dinner in Boston :)
Chatted for quite some time there.
说心事 :)
Later, we went back to her house and checked our stocks .
And some accounting (altho kinda messed up)
But got la profit.
Anyways, it was kinda a nice experience to sell stuff.
At least it's something that I am interested in
(receiving money, that is :P)
'cos hor.. I'm a totally 'Neutral Girl' (nicknamed by Shin Yii)
I am seldom interested in stuff :P
Apa pun takda minat ><
Patutlah orang pun macam bosan saja :D
Also got another nickname from Shilei.. "Cool Girl'
Great :(
Am treating this blog a little bit better these days :)
Au revoir.

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