Thursday, March 18, 2010

of filling the missing spaces

Been DAMN lazy to update this thing.
Got some complaints by my friends..
So here I am..
crapping most probably.

Went to watch Alice in Wonderland on March 12th

was nice, kinda love it.
Very magical and funny.
Loved Johnny Depp's acting.
My rating for this movie : 7/10


Last night my uni held a carnivale.
Helped my sis to sell some of her blog's stuff.
Earned not much, but better than nothing :)

friends that helped out to deco my store and more! THANK YOU!
Sadly I was not inside the pics =(

The carnivale started at 6pm and ended at midnight.
Then, we went for McD supper at around 1.30am
Reached home at 2am
Pillow talked with my dear Shilei until 4 something in the morning.
*quote Gwen Stefani's song*
But no tears are pouring la if you're wondering. =P

Now I'm sitting in front of the computer, doing nothing when I should be starting my Econs assignment
*scrolls to the calendar*
GOD DAMMIT its March 18th already.
Deadline on early April.
Maybe I should touch a bit on the assignment. Hmm..

Random pic from my lappie :)
with naughty but cute cousin outside a seafood restaurant in somewhere :P

signing off
♥ zhiyuen

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