Sunday, November 7, 2010

my 19th birthday

Hello hello hello !!
I've been too caught up with other things that I even forgot to write about my own birthday's post!
Here are a few pics from my laptop to share with you guys :)

Tiramisu cake on 28th Oct 11.50pm :))
Thank you for the surprise guys! ILY!

29th October, Friday, day of my birthday
Went to Pavilion with my uni friends
Shin Yii drove us there!

Me & Szelin!

We ate at a Mexican restaurant in Pavilion (forgot the name)

the sweet people that celebrated my big day with me! :)

outside of Pavilion. Candid shot by Trix :)
I love it!
This pic looks very happy! :D

The girls!

At night, I celebrated my birthday with my family.
We ate our dinner in Ishin Japanese Restaurant located in Old Klang Road.

My birthday ice-cream! haha very creative indeed!
We ate 8 course meal that day and the food was really really really awesome!!
(for mouthwatering food pics, do check it out in my FB pics!)

On 31st Oct, Sunday (Happy Halloween!)
Went to The Curve with The Very Geng Gang!

Ate at The Apartment for dinner!

After dinner, we went to have some drinks at The Library, located in e@Curve!

Bottoms up ;)


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