Monday, January 31, 2011

Sheirly's 21st

Went to Genting on the 27th~28th for Sheirly's 21st birthday bash.
We stayed at Awana and the party was also held there.
Before the dinner, we went up to Genting to walk around.

@ cable car.
We sat cable car to go up Genting because Tour de Langkawi was also held on the same day and the road was closed.
Plus, the weather was kinda bad.. very windy and misty.
And it's raining.
So no outdoor theme park for us.

Hot Starbucks on a cold weather FTW!
On the way down using the cable car, when it's around 4 cars until our turn to reach the station, suddenly the cable cars stopped moving forward and started to move slightly backwards.
Might be due to the windy and misty weather, that's why it stopped functioning for around 30 seconds.
Scared the hell outta us..
And now..
Time for the dinner pics! :D

Seats were already organized and we should sit in our own seats! :D

Me & Shin Yii

Me & Sherene

Me & Lawrence

The pretty birthday girl! :D

Group pic!
Cheras gang.. lol


With Trix, the hot bunny with big boobs. LOL
The aftermath of his punishment for losing a game :D

Marcus, the china boy! hehe

"Volunteers" for the "jiong mun yan" act-and-guess game.

Lost.. and our punishment was applying purple lipstick..
Not that bad for us girls..

The guys' punishment was to kiss another guy.... Oops!

Our present for Sheirly - L'occitane gift set, Armani purse and Octopus plushie!! ♥

The after party was held in Sheirly's condo in Gohtong
Love the furniture inside!
Pink couches! ♥

The drinking game! (with lots of people x_X)
Overall, awesome party ! :D


p/s: The weather is so cold lately! *brrr*

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