Saturday, January 22, 2011

when I'm bored

especially studying,
I do random stuff from painting nails to writing a to-do-list after my exams
And my to-do-list is about 2 pages long :D
(and I haven't realize half of them yet till now)
Some random pics from my hp and lappie..

Cookie monster wants cookies..
@ my FM notes. LOL

my study table during the exams.
freaking small+puny table! need to squeeze my book and papers.
Now the condition of my table is not much different,
just the papers are replaced with my laptop instead XD

a present from wing :)
found it when I was searching for some Foundation notes in my closet.

A pic that I forced ki-boy to take pics with me :P
Look at his beh song look!
Haha, so cute!

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