Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I've always believe that everything happens for a reason.
And Murphy's Law seems to be true sometimes, LOL. (at least to me la)

However, there are also a few other things...
Coincidence and the 7th sense.

Coincidence - could things be destined or fated?
I wouldn't say I believe in destiny and/or fate a hundred percent..
But sometimes things can really make me think twice.

My favourite self-created term; the "7th sense".
(note I did not say 6th sense,.. as it normally associates with.. you know.. intangible things ;p)
In this case, 7th sense as in you'd sense something is going to / may happen. And it really did!

The other day while I was in a wedding dinner, my eyes wandered around the hall and I spotted the wedding cake. I imagined the cake being toppled over (don't ask me why, I just did..) Quite random actually.
And the next thing I know, while two servers were shifting the table with the wedding cake, the upper part of the "cake" (I think it's fake) tumbled and the wedding accessories fell down.. psychic much?
Well, thank god they did not ruin the real cake situated at the bottom. But they did broke a few champagne glasses...

Here's a link to the story of how a soon-to-be-married couple found a childhood photo of the bride with the bridegroom in the background with his father, pushing him in a stroller. Coincidence much? 

toodles for now.

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