Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tag Number 15

hey guys!
currently blogging @ my university.
am going to FRIM trip tomorrow organized by UNMC's Nature Club.
yippeeee doo dey!
I got tagged by Wing Yan!

1)What was your dream when you were a small kid?
dream? marry a prince! hahaha....

2)What was the happiest thing in your whole life?
everything that I have now

3)What do you wish to have right now?
nothing. I don't ask for much

4)When was the last time you Horse Laugh??
just now. with Shilei! hahahahaha (our secret.. muahaha)

5)What do you realize recently?
I have a good life, perhaps?

6)Which bad habit of you thats is most unacceptable?
laziness lor. ahahahaha..

7)When you're unhappy what will you do?
frown? xD . sometimes I sigh alot of times.

8)What are you afraid of losing?
everything that I love dearly..

9)Within 5 years,which target is the most realistic one?
realistic ones?? completing my degree.. hope so xD

10)When you met someone you like,will you confess or hide your feelings?
don't know lol. =.="

11)List out 3 kind of person you hate the most.
backstabbers, bitches, arseholes.

12)Define loneliness.
oi what question is this. so short yet so long! ERM.... loneliness... being all alone in a very dark world.

13)Are you satisfied with your life now?
yeah (:

14)When is the most recent time you felt touched?
just last week. hehe. thanks to my darling for taking me to dinner!

15)Where is the most beautiful place that you have visited?
Paris! but I don't really remember it. went when I was soooo young!

16)A song that is playing in your mind recently?
secondhand serenade - fall for you

17)If you have a wish come true,what is it?
live a happy life

18)Do you have anything to worried or scared recently?
exams! assignments!! tests!!!!!!!

19)If the world is going to end,what will you do?
do something that I won't do? like hugging someone random from the street or something xD
nah, I'll just say how much I love them, to the ones I love. & say it once again to him.

20)Who are you thinking of right now?

21) Tagging...
anybody that wants to do this


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