Monday, November 3, 2008

random post #1 (new stocks available!)

hola my friends
I'm going to post about my day from Saturday until today..
okay.. on Saturday my boyfriend took me for dinner to somewhere far..
before that we went for the movies in Leisure Mall
we watched Max Payne
silly show I must say..
I don't really understand it..
maybe cuz we missed the front part.. ahahaha...
anyway, Amaury Nolasco acted in there!
he's so HOT weh in there.. woot woot..
he's the bad guy in that movie !!

drool girls! drooolll !! haha...

kays.. after the movie, we went to the place we're heading for dinner.
some japanese restaurant located in Damansara Utama
we took off at about 7 something.. reached there at 9 something..
due to...
what else?
my piggy's blurness!! wahahaa...
he don't really know how to go there.
end up turning here and there looking everywhere.
he says it's near 1U but it's not really near.. ahahah...
we spent more than an hour turning and searching for the restaurant..
After about 45 mins, tak tahan edi cos nature is calling me!!
seriously very urgent..
den he called his cousin to find his way..
den at last! .. tadaa! reached our destination d!
of course, the first thing I do is
"Miss, where is the toilet?!"
the food there is simply delicious coz I was freaking STARVED...
uh huh.. but the meal was very satisfying, I must say.
well, VERY satisfying coz my boyfriend didn't have to pay a cent for the meal!
cos.... his parents own the restuarant!!
nah, just kidding xD
coincidently, his cousin worked at the restaurant..
and she belanja-ed us!
how sweet of her (:

As for Sunday, nothing really happened..
another boring day (:

As for today, peeps.. nothing also.. ahahha
Had tutorials at 3-4pm..
had to PURPOSELY go to uni for it~!
damn petrol consuming I tell you.
summore go there and listen Ms. Ng talk to the wall..
aihseh !
then for dinner, my boyfriend took me to KFC..
ahahaha... I had some craving for KFC :P
ate at about 9.. cos that lazy piggy slept!
hahha, as usual.. piggish.

nothing else to blog !!
good day folks!!

lotsa love! cheers!!

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