Monday, November 10, 2008

UNMC Nature Club's FRIM Camping Trip

hello there!
I went to FRIM this Saturday and Sunday!
it was great fun and a good camping experience..
cos it's my first time! :D
gonna explain it in detail.. here goes!!

Day 1

We arrived at about 9.30a.m. Suppose to reach by 8 something. It is because the bus driver lah. damn lambat.. late for 1 hour.. can't stop cursing him.. ahahaha... I slept all the way until we finally reach FRIM which is located in Kepong. There are 30 of us and we have 5 tents to share. Because majority are guys, they took 3 and a half tents. So left about 10~13 girls sharing a big tent. Even though it's big... can't sleep well lah. After setting up the tents, we relax and slack around the camping grounds.. took pictures here and there, but not inside the forest.. scared of leeches! thank god I din kena! hehe.. after that we had ice breaking games and stuff.. and scavenger hunt! my group spent a long time searching for a leech! yes people!! the wiggly wet yucky leech.. we had to find a big ant, 2 LIVE mosquitoes and 1 leech. ughhh.. but my group managed to did a good presentation and we won 1st place! :D At night, we ate BBQ~!!!! After that, we have night walking in the forest.. what is it called?? blind trail or something. It's real fun where torchlight is IMPORTANT to shine your way out through the forest. ahaha.. I wonder what will happen if I did not bring it. Then, while walking a friend infront got sucked by a leech. It's wiggly and it's moving like an earthworm. YUCK. thinking it now makes my bulu stand weh... Immediately they put salt on it and it quickly let go of his back. After the walk we had campfire and we played games as well.. not to forget singing songs too. For example I'm Yours by Jason Mraz and Wake Me Up When September Ends by GreenDay. Overall this day is a good experience for me and it's real fun too!

Day 2

Woke up at 7 something in the morning. Got ready and pack up my things for a 3-hour jungle trekking. Gosh it's really tiring and all the time when I'm walking I had to watch my feet instead of the surroundings because I had to look out for the stairs and stones or holes or whatever that is in my way. Almost tripped a couple of times.. This tree looks like elephant trunk rite?
We walked nearly non-stop for 2 hours plus. Then, we went to the canopy walk. It's real high but I'm okay cos I went to quite alot of canopy walks before. Twice in Sabah to be exact. I must say, going down the forest is much MUCH more easier than climbing up! Gosh it only took us about 20~30 min to go down. When we reached, we immediately rejoiced. Not only because we reached the ground, but because we saw and ice-cream cart!! Most of us bought ice-cream from the uncle. He really earn la that day. Haha. But when we saw so many people buying ice-creams, me and Shilei decided to buy cold drinks instead and keropok lekor and goreng pisang! It feels damn good weh after sipping the coca cola after 3-hours walk. We rested for a while and then continued our journey back to the campsite. Took us about 15~20mins to reach there. But overall, it's worth it. Although now, my leg still hurts like hell and I'm wondering if I want to stay back for my dancing lessons tomorrow.

Anyway guys, I hope your not bored by reading my long post.. ahhahaha.. had alot more things to say but it's kinda secret and all.. don't want to be specific haha..

p/s: Good luck to SPM candidates for their papers tomorrow!


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