Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tag Number 18 & more ((:


I got tagged by Sheryl!

Those who have been tagged must write their answer on their blogs and replace any questions that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

# Those people who were tagged must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this tag by sending it to other people.

  1. Name the persons you want to tag
    • Anna Sim, Jesslyn Thia, Tan Lee Ni, Low Weing Seen, Leong Kar Yan
  2. Carrot or Broccoli
    • Broccoli
  3. Masculinity or sissy
    • Masculinity :)
  4. Goth or punk
    • neither.
  5. Soccer or basketball
    • neither.
  6. Favorite actor/actresses
    • Brad Pitt is hottt <3>
  7. What do you say to a person who spread rumours about you without any reason?
    • probably curse him/her. haha
  8. Ever took nude photos?
    • lol? nope
  9. Leather shoe or snickers
    • snickers
  10. Long Distance love?
    • not sure bout it :(
  11. Internet love?
    • nope.
  12. Online dating?
    • lol. nope.
  13. Tell us your dream last night?
    • can't remember :'(
  14. Ever hated someone so bad?
    • yeah, you bet.
  15. Who then?
    • secret.
  16. The last person you had a beer with?
    • beer? lol. I don't remember. Maybe took a sip from dad?
  17. The last person you went to the movies with?
    • my cute little piggy :)
  18. The last person you talked on the cell phone with?
    • Mum
  19. The last person you hugged?
    • hm. Don't remember.
  20. The last person you slapped?
    • lol? nobody.
  21. In the last week, have you kissed someone?
    • yeap.
  22. Do you rather do exercise or babysit?
    • Babysit :D altho they're quite annoying sometimes.
  23. If you could do anything or wish anything, what would it be?
    • wish.. this world would be a better place to live :) *wait could i wish one more?*
    • I wish I'll live happily after in the future :)
  24. If you could have an all expense paid trip, where will you go?
  25. Are you old fashioned?
    • hm, I don't think so.
  26. Are you a freak or a Geek?
    • HAHA. you decide ;)
  27. Are you a slut, bitch/bastard or whore?
    • haha, neither.
  28. Five things that scare me :
    • death . :(
    • disgusting small creatures!!
    • accidents. especially road accidents.
    • water, sometimes. I can't swim and almost drown before.
    • losing somebody that I love dearly.
  29. 4 songs playing in my head lately:
    • 神木與瞳 - 為你而活
    • Lady Gaga - Poker Face
    • Lady Gaga - Just Dance *both influenced by Henry korkor xD*
    • Jay Chou's songs
  30. Ghost, Zombie, Witch, Wizard, Mermaid, Vampire, or Werewolf?
    • VAMPIRE!!!!!!!! oh, Edward.

Hehe, went to One Utama yesterday with piggy baby~
ate dinner at some Japanese buffet restaurant..
Shogun, I think.
watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

NICE show!! I'll give it a rating of 8/10 :p
it's a very long movie. about 2 hours and 30 minutes.
It's quite hilarious and also sad at the same time.
To those who haven't watch this show...

piggy baby gave me a surprise yesterday
but he gave away my cute little present :(
oh well :(

♥ Zhi Yuen

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