Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Untitled #6

bonsoir !
today when my sis was fetching me back home,
there was this road that is so jam that the cars aren't moving..
then we realize its because there's a fallen tree blocking the road..
due to a mix of heavy rain, thunder and lightning..
waited for 20 mins or so ..
it's weird la cos dunno why the cars don't want to reverse their vehicle and turn to the other road..
make us wait THAT long. dammit.
other than that, there's this grumpy uncle la (Again!)
when my sis was reversing her car, got this motorcycle come sempit to go through..
she din see him mar, so he horned her.
then, my sis horned him back la..
he turn his face and make a very fierce and aggressive look..
like tiger leh.. malaysian tiger.. lol =="

sigh, anyways I changed my chinese name.
my whole family changed their names to be precise.
we went to a name analysis place and decided to change it la. to improve our life (kononnya)
from 张芷芸 to 张织云 ..
well.. basically I have to accept my new name from now onwards.
trying hard to adapt it though ):
the pronunciation a bit different already. sigh. I love my old name better!!

♥ ZhiYuen

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