Thursday, February 26, 2009

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Just came home from Mid Valley and Bangsar!!!
well, about 3 hours ago la actually.
It was veryyy fun to drive around Bangsar town
even by just LOOKING at it.
so colorful, and oh the boutiques are so tempting!
but too bad they're closed and my purse has flies in it!!!

went with 3 of my uni friends, Azericca, Shilei and Fei Woon.
Watched Benjamin Button (AGAIN!) at 5.30pm.
finished the show at 8.30pm. YES! WTF 3 hours.
I only realized it's actually 3 hours instead of 2.5 hours!
scratch the one on my previous post!
It's seriously NICE la the movie! go and watch la!!!
after the movie everyone was like


Yes!It's nice, special and sad. It's also very meaningful as well.
it teaches us about how important and short life is.
and that we only know a person is important to you by losing them.
I LOVE BRAD PITT. GOD he's hot. (sorry, quite random. haha)
Angelina Jolie is one lucky momma.

And again, I wanna thank Azericca here for bringing us around.
Ha, it's very nice to go out like that once in a while.
Damn, how fast money were spent in just few hours. HAHA.

Besides movie and dinner at a mamak restaurant in Bangsar,
I bought Majolica Majorca mascara!!
It's from JAPAN!
Heard it's super nice and coincidentally, they have 10% discount in Mid Valley!
I bought the mascara base and the Lash Beautifying Mascara Frame Plus
long name. hehe.
it's waterproof la seriously.
wore that for quite some time and there's no panda eye! :D
and I hardly get some off after showering! ><

Alrighty, I have to stop here.
I have classes at 9am tomorrow.
Gonna wake up at 7.30am.
Good lord I have less than 6 hours of beauty sleep left!

♥ ZhiYuen

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