Friday, October 23, 2009


Heya guys!
today (yesterday actually, it's midnight already) me and my uni friends went to Jusco Cheras Selatan's Green Box for karaoke =)
we wanted to celebrate for my friend Fei Woon's birthday .. hehe.
our room has 6 people and there is also another group of our friends in another room.
Their room is super huge.. like x2 of our room.. cos they have more people.
We sang for 4 hours.. 10am until 2pm.. haha.. it was nice..
we sang until we were super tired haha..

After that, 6 of us went to Szelin's house to see some facial products that she is selling now..
we chatted for quite some time there..
we discussed about our childhood favorite cartoon.. very nostalgic..
From Madeline to Gummy Bears.. haha.. brings back old memories.

Later. we went to Shin Yii's house to cook some spaghetti =D..
it was nice.. mmm..!!!
After that we went home respectively and shower..
Then, after they finished, my friends came over to my house and they played mahjong..
(I don't know how to play.. so I just sat there and tried to
After mahjong, we played Big 2 (Chor tai ti).. and I won for quite a few rounds..haha
the interesting part was the one who loses will be hitted in the hand (and later HEAD) for how many cards the loser is left holding (i.e If the loser has 4 cards left, the winner will hit her/his hand(and later HEAD) for 4 times)
hahaha.. I've been hitted for 2/3 times..
here's a clip about the punishment the loser gets.. :P

Poor Shin Yii.. hitten by evil Trix.

the end.

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