Monday, October 26, 2009

Untitled #10

Last Friday me, Shin Yii, Szelin, woon, shilei, Sherene and junn lym studied Business Law together.
After that, we cooked dinner ourselves! hahaha.. check it out..

our dinner consists of lamb chop, salad, mashed potatoes and mushroom soup!!
so tasty.. and its only RM10 per person :p


Anyways.. yesterday me, Shin Yii, woon, shilei and Min Ji went to Sg. Wang to watch Lee Min Ho aka Goh Jun Pyo from Boys Before Flowers !!
he's super tall and super handsome! :)
He was there for a short period of time.. for his autograph session and new Etude House product launching

he looks adorable here :p

look at all these girls..!! trying to buy some products from Sg. Wang's Etude House.
'Cos you need RM20 to get the poster for Min Ho to sign!

Spot Digi's stand? haha..
its hamburger-ed between all of Min Ho's avid fans.. LOL
I had to watch from upstairs because as you can see.. I can't watch him from below. =.="

spot the cutie? :)
he's the second from below..

wah. even candid shot he still looks good :p

Min Ho signing autograph for his lucky fans!!!..
(only a few got his autograph)

peace out =)

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