Friday, October 30, 2009

my birthday celebration

I'm officially 18 yesterday!!!
whoopieeeeeeeeee!! ...


I'm happy and kinda sad at the same time today..
<Okay, let's start with the happy part first aite?
My friends took me to Kajang look up point for dinner yesterday!
Western food! my favorite =)
Before heading to our dinner, we stopped by at Junn Lym's house for some MAHJONG!
and YES I finally learned to play mahjong! But I only know how to play for 3-players Mahjong only.
Not sure about the 4-players Mahjong =/
But anyhow.. playing Mahjong was kinda fun..
It started raining during the late evening and shortly after that, we headed to the restaurant.
Junn Lym drove my car because I'm kinda blur when I'm driving at night.
Plus I'm gonna fetch my friends..which means extra tension. hehe :P
When I got there, Ronald, Jing Shen, Marcus, Sheirly and Chloe have already arrived.
So sorry to them 'cos they had to wait for quite some time !
Didn't know they would reach there that early!
Anyways, our table has 16 people I think.
Them and Trix, Larry, Szelin, Shin Yii, Sherene, Junn Lym, Fei Woon, Shilei, Teck Chun, Yun Leng and Myself.
I ordered a combination plate of steak and chicken. It was okay =).
After our meal, we took some pictures with the beautiful scenary.
We took a couple of shots and then, they sang Happy Birthday song with a slice of cake. So cute =)
I took out the candle with my teeth (at the same time, watching Trix at the corner of my eye so that he doesn't push me and make me land my face in the cake).
Then, each of them fed me the cake. One bite of the cake per person. Haha.
And they bought me a nice present.. A box full of earrings and a super adorable card!

so creative! When you open the card, the candle will be blown away =)

9 pairs of earrings! 9x2 = 18!! 18 years old =)

Thanks to Shin Yii, Sherene, Szelin, Fei Woon, Shilei, and Junn Lym aka Rudolph for the earrings and card!
I love it alot!!
you guys =)
After our dinner at the restaurant, we went to Junn Lym's house again and sang Karaoke! :)
Another round of Happy Birthday song to me!
Went home at about 12.30am and got some rest.
The happy and tired birthday girl deserves a good night rest ;)

Enough of the happy part, now for the sad part.
Because I'm 18 already, under the Minors' Contracts Act 1987, I will not have a protection of minor against his/her inexperience. WHICH means.. I'm not a minor anymore and I can't get out easily from a binding contract. God dammit =(
On the other hand..
Half of my birthday day was ruined.. I went to uni early in the morning to find some info.
Thats not the sad part. THE sad part is that I have to stay for a short meeting at 2pm.
Which turns out to be 1 hour late at 3pm due to some unforeseen circumstances and bla bla bla.
And I got to Junn Lym's house at around 4.30pm.
Holy. We were suppose to hang out and sorts like that!
So there goes my half day.. vanished =(
Nonetheless I enjoyed my day after that .. =)
Another sad part was today, a special someone made me down..
That's pretty sad for me. He didn't show the enthusiasm to celebrate my belated with me.
So whatever. I'd just stay home and try not to think so much about it.
Looking forward to celebrate my birthday with my parents tomorrow night and Steph and Wing Yan the day after tomorrow

AND finally.... PICTURE TIME!

shin yii with her breakfast, me and sherene!

sisira, me, sherene, shin yii

say cheeeeese =D

sisira, me, woon, sherene, shin yii and lee ni


thousand hand goddess :p

@ Kajang look-up point restaurant!

everybody is looking at the camera except me.. @_@

I like this shot.. haha

Sheirly & Chloe

The happy couple 01 Teck Chun & Yun Leng

Black's the new Pink =D

girls only!~ :)

3 supermodels!!

caught red handed playing mahjong!

Sing K session @ Junn Lym's house

Shilei playing some piano songs for us ^^

Specially thanks to Sherene for the pics above!

The happy couple 02 Junn Lym & Sherene

p/s: I will upload more pics here when I get 'em from Junn Lyms camera!

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