Sunday, June 6, 2010

Outing 4/6

Went for outing at Pavilion with Matt, Kah Wai and Yee Hoo
So long I haven't seen Yee Hoo, since after Form 5, which is like 3 years ago!! O.O
And Matt.. lagi long 'cos he went Canada to study
Matt changed a lot since he went to Canada.
But deep inside, what I see is still the same old Matt.
like to kid around.. and sometimes childish =.="

Yee Hoo, Matt, Kah Wai

Me, Yee Hoo and Matt

Sampat Matt tried to put his hands around me.
Getting more and more brave since he's been there huh..

We watched Prince of Persia

The movie was not bad.. okay only.
Rating 6.5/10
there's some part which is quite fake..
But overall, worth to watch also la..

Anyways, I was browsing in Google for Prince of Persia's Poster
and I stumbled upon this pic:HILARIOUS. hahaa
At first I thought the fonts were saying that Jake Gyllenhaal stinks.
But when I see clearly... OH. it meant the movie.
(and yeah, clearly I am not Jake's fan.. hahaha)

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