Friday, June 11, 2010

Untitled #14

I am tired!!!
Recently, don't know why I'll be tired already after 11pm.
Work is draining all my energyyyyy.
Face the computer every time I work.
Am currently helping my dad's accountant to post data into the computer.
Debit Credit blah blah blah.
Its not THAT boring, but it's doing the same thing over and over again

I miss Shakey!!
Shakey is my new dog (sorta)
She came to my dad's factory one day.
She's so cute and small.
She's just some black stray puppy.

Why I call her Shakey?
not 'cos I love to eat pizza. It's 'cos when she walks, her backside shakes here and there.. xD
And no, not a laughing matter!
Its 'cos her bone structure "senget" already.
Kena people kick or bang or something gua.

I want to buy a camera!!!

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