Monday, June 14, 2010

Untitled #15

Hello hello hello!!
Went to Seremban yesterday for a dinner function..
My uncle was elected to be Rotary Club Seremban's President
and he invited us to the banquet..

on the way to Seremban..
got bored and..

My uncle's face in the middle of the stage. hehe

The high rankings wear red coats @.@
Haha.. seems like back to school once more for them

moi and moi's family :D

my mum, ah yis and aunty... and that annoying little cute brat :)

my mama, her sisters and one annoying kid..

They had raffle draw...
our table itself won 3 draws..
so lucky..

This one belongs to me!! :D

This 1 belongs to the annoying brat..

And this is my grandpa's!! :D

Grandpa's prize was the first 1 to give away.
When the lady called out his number, he still blur blur..
So I went up to collect the prize for him instead haha..

The 2nd prize to give away was also from our table..
which is the annoying brat's.. XD

If I'm not mistaken, my prize was the 4th or 5th prize..

See how many tickets we bought?
My mum bought RM60 worth of tickets.
1 raffle ticket costs RM5.. so we have 12 tickets. LOL.
If din kena means that we really damn suay lor..

From the pic, my prizelooks damn big right??
guess whats inside????

and nah, its not a mug. its a flower pot that looks like mug.
and its bigger than ordinary mugs of course.
should have taken a pic of comparison XD
The box has a light bulb picture on it,
I thought they were going to give some electrical appliance..
Mana tau is this lousy flower pot. XD
I guess that sponsor that provided the prize knows that my dad loves gardening!

As for today, went to Sunway Pyramid with Shin Yii and Szelin.
Bought a lot of stuff..
Shirt, lipstick, belt, and more.. forgot.. hahaha
that's all for now..

signing out

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