Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ragnarok Online Story

hey you guys.
I've got nothing to blog recently.
But my friend (you'll know who later) asked me to blog something about him.
tsk tsk tsk..
anyway.. I'll just blog about the game I played during the holidays.
It's called Ragnarok Online (RO)
I've been playing it for a few years already.
Anyway, pictures tells a million things, right?
Here goes ;)

p/s: If the pic is small, just clickie on it =)

the guy that asked me to blog about him.
FYI. He's picking up some stuffs there. Wrong angle though =P

another closer one. I like his hat.
a group pic with our cute pets.
a pic with a sleeping Buddha. hmm..
this is me and Wing Yan.
this is me and Wing Yan again. Twins. LoL
this is me and my piggy. =)
me and piggy again <3
last but not least, my personal favorite.


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