Friday, August 8, 2008

Tag Number 11

I went to undang talk yesterday..
summore cold + raining.. =(
but thank god there's a cute guy beside me XD
haha :P
but of course, my piggy way cuter xP
anyway, I got tagged by Sheryl!

1. Three names you go by
*zhi yuen, yuenyuen, blurblur =(
2. Three physical things you like about yourself
*wei perasan lar if I say it XD
3. Three physical things you don't like about yourself
4. Three parts of your heritage
5. Three things you can't stand
*jerks, bitches, assholes =(
6.Three things that scare you
*cockroaches (BIG ones), can't think of any
7. Three of your favourite shows
*prison break, desperate housewives, the simpsons
8. Three of your favorite japanese animes /cartoons
*nana, nana, nana =)
9. Three of your favourite non-english shows
*coffee prince, nana, can't think of any other shows..
10. Three of your current favourite songs
*Byul - Kim Ah-Jung, (Forgot the title) - Jay Chou, Breathless - Shane Ward
11.Three movies you can watch over again and again
* Pirates of the Carribean, Harry Potter, can't think of any
12. Three movies you would like to watch
*p.s. I love you (awww..), transformers, made of honor
13. Three of your everyday essentials
*my handphone, oxygen, food
14. Three things you are wearing right now
*clothes, specs, undies =D
15. Three things you want in a relationship
*honesty, loyalty, trustworthiness
16. Three physical things about the opposite sex that appeals to you.
*smile, good attitude, broad shoulders (don't ask why)
17. Three of your bad habits
*i've mentioned in previous tags. lazy to list again.
18. Three of your favourite hobbies
*baking =D, playing online games and sleeping!
19. Three things you really wanna do badly right now
*sleep, sleep, sleep
20. Three careers you're considering or currently pursuing
*don't know.. don't ask
21. Three places you want to go on vacation
*PARIS!, japan, korea
22. Three kid's name you like
*cecilia, don't know and don't know.
p/s: sorry wing yan, I don't want Wing Yuen nor Lin as my kid's name =P
23. Three things you wanna do before you die
*see the whole world, do some good deeds, live happily with the ones I love.
24. Three things that show that you're sterrotypically a girl
*I lurveee pink, I have long hair?, and I don't smell like a guy. lol
25. Initials of three crushes (current or previous)
*C, W, H =D
26. Three people you tag to do this survey
*anyone that wanna do~

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