Monday, August 11, 2008

Sis's Birthday Party

last Saturday was my sis's birthday party.
It was at my house and lots of her friends attended.
let's see... about 35-45 guests perhaps.
anyway, I made a few desserts for the occasion.
Soya pudding, fruit tarts and chocolate crunchies.
but I had a lil' help from my sis's elves ^^ (her friends xD)
so, the process wasn't long. =D
the good thing is all the desserts were finished on that day itself.
I was shocked 'cos I didn't expect them to be finished so fast =D
Oh, and piggy came to my house too =D
he bought my sis a b'day card.
guess what he wrote in it?
"Happy Birthday, you oldie" =P
hahaha. bad piggy!
okay, okay.. it was my idea XD
anyway, most of them had a lot of fun drinking, chatting and karaoke-ing
oh and not to mention eating, of course! =D

on Sunday, I went to my hometown, Jelebu,
to visit my grandma.
she had a lil' accident near her house.
get well soon popo ><
after that my relatives came to my house for dinner..
we ate the leftovers from yesterday (Saturday)
which was steamboat =D
oh and BIG PRAWNS for the occasion ^^
yummy.. !!

as for today..
I went through a lot of tension finding my university's unconditional letter
I kind of misplaced it..
but THANK GOD I found it!
I need it for my scholarship!
the due date is tomorrow!
nothing else to say~


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