Thursday, October 30, 2008

masquerade night, birthday night

hey guys!
ignore the website above. my sis is so annoying.
just kidding, click it if you want.
it's an online mall for perfumes (:
kays, anyway..
yesterday was my birthday..
and I din really celebrated it..
I just went to uni for the masquerade party some engineering people organized..
the party was... kinda bored..
most of all.. NO FOOD there..
wad the toot. had to starve on my birthday.
ahahaha.. but nvm la.
took alot of pics there!!

mestilah camwhore b4 the party! :D

OH btw, see that TV back there?
that thing almost killed me.
was opening both drawers below the TV.
the weight was too heavy, then the whole drawer reclines..
argh.. luckily I pushed the darn TV back.. THANK GOD..
now, return to the pics..

me and shilei!

me and anna! loving the mask! (:

ginny, me and lee ni. ahahaha.. fugly masquerades!

shin yii my honey and moi..

me and chloe.. her face painting is nice!

love this effect! chloe, me, sheirly

me and Candice! peace!

me and feera! I love her dress! (:

me and woon! love this photo! [:

Last Minute! LOL . what the toot.

me and wing ho~ :P

after the party,
wing ho fetched shin yii home..
then after that, because I'm starving, me and wing ho went to tapau McD's
damn kesian weh birthday makan McD's.. haha..
anyway, I had a great birthday nonetheless!

thanks guys for the gift!

I love the gifts to the max!!

Besides that, thanks Mr.XXX Shaman for singing me a birthday song over the phone!
it's very sweet of him! (:

Zhi Yuen ♥s Shin Yii, Fei Woon, Shilei, Chloe, Sheirly, Anna, Ginny, Lee Ni, Candice, Yun Leng, Sharon, Steph, Wing Yan!

p/s: more pics in my facebook!


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