Friday, December 26, 2008

an x'mas story

hey guys!!
well, the purpose of this post is to talk 'bout how I celebrated x'mas..
so, here goes :D

Christmas eve
I went to my bf's house at about 6 something.
reached there and gave him his x'mas prezzie.
well, I won't say what I gave to him here,
but he gave me a cute little piggy XD
it can talk!! he recorded something in it
and I also won't say what he said in it XD..
haha.. :D
den after that I had dinner with his family..
steamboat~ XD
after dinner my piggy n I went for a movie..
at about 11 something..
until 2 something (I think, dun remember)
we came out and saw Green Box still operating. O.o (so latee!!)
and a weird thing happened..
when he put our parking ticket into the machine, it says RM99.99..
den I checked the date.. 26/10, 00:00
tepat tepat 12am and 26/10?!?!
that time only 25/10 lor!!!
haih. stupid la..
den had to go around and ask... (nobody summore)
give them zadaoo lar..
but it was good that I got to spend my time with the ones I love during Christmas ^^

Christmas Day
Woke up at about 11am..
mum asked me to find a silver nail polish..
when I wanna open my drawer.. it's stuck as hell.
I took a ruler and tried to clear out the stuff that's preventing the drawer from opening..
the ruler was too short..!!
then, I tried with a clothes hanger...
I found out where's the bugger and I used the hanger and pushed it..
that bugger moved and that hanger hit my head.. AIHHH...
paiseh betul.. XD
Then, I went to Pavilion with my parents during noon.
we had dinner there with few of our relatives.
after that, I shopped around with my cousins..
walked here and there for 3-4 hours and I bought nothing..
sigh ):
had the money in hand but no clothes that I like..
oh well ..
Then, we went for dinner at Tony Roma's..
because it's Christmas, they only sell sets, no ala carte.
so, nvm lor..
we have 7 people in total but we only ordered 4 sets because some are not hungry..
but then, we also can't finish the 4 sets altho there's 7 tummies >.<
after that, they fetched me back home and watched Bruce Lee on Astro..

as for today, I went to photocopy my notes for Tze Yi..
haihz.. duwan say edii..
that lady photocopied till sooo messy until the chapters all messed up..
anyway, before that I saw a video of my friend singing
為你而活 with 神木與瞳 (Y2J)
in Sungei Wang..

here's the vid.. ENJOY!!

btw my friend is the girl in yellow shirt.. she's real good in singing..
I think it's a competition between 3 pairs..
and guess what?!?!
she and her partner won 1st place!!! (:
oh, and guys..
HAPPY NEW YEAR, in advance ;p

♥ ZhiYuen

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