Sunday, December 21, 2008

karaoke madness

yesterday was my last day of Semester 1 (:
so Me, Shin Yii, Chloe, Sheirly, Sharon, Ronald, Marcus & Trix
went to Time Square's Neway to sing karaoke ! (:
sang till I almost lost my voice, haha..
sang for 4 hour straight, from 3pm until 7pm !
anyway, I had a blast yesterday.
we took only a few pics, but it's yet to be sent to me!!
so, stay tuned folks!! :D

Time Square's LARGE Christmas tree! (Chloe & Me)

Me & Shin Yii

the girls!!
L-R : Me, Shin Yii, Sheirly, Boon Shan, Chloe

Nice pic eh? :p

♥ ZhiYuen

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