Sunday, June 7, 2009

BTW. I forgot to mention something
I'm going to Singapore with my sis and my cousin (from UK) this Tuesday until Thursday.
Yeah, only the 3 of us girls.
But we're gonna stay in a relative's house =)
so lodging is provided.
Then, Friday I might be going Genting Highlands and then Saturday and Sunday I'm going to Kuantan.
Busy busy week.
All of the holiday plans were discussed merely today.
Suddenly I'm from "VERY FREE" .. changed to "VERY EXTREMELY BUSY"
And tomorrow, Shin Yii and Szelin is coming to my house to bake a cake for fun~
most probably CHOCOLATE cake! woohooooo...
I'm going NS the following Wednesday. 17th of June.
Will miss my friends, family and my dogs T___T
Oh well, I'll definitely say my goodbyes before I head off to Port Dickson.
Toodles then.

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