Sunday, June 14, 2009

Singapore Trip 9-11 June

went to Singapore with my sis and cous last Tuesday to Thursday.
Yeah, just 3 of us girls and the city country..
We started our journey at7.30am by bus..
Its about 5 hours drive to Singapore.
Thank god they have TV infront of every seat.
But the thing is the headset is only available by buying at the bus office.
because we didn't know.. only can watch the movies without any sound x.X
But.. I borrowed my cous' headset.. she didn't use it xD
anyway, reached there at 12.30pm and took the MRT (train) to Orchard.
Spent our afternoon in shopping malls around Orchard Road.
I bought a Paris Hilton bag which was on 50% discount.. ($90)..
was $99 after discount but we have this 10% tourist discount.. cool huh :D
(spoilers soon folks)
During evening we went to Woodlands - the areawe're staying (relative's house)to put down our bags..
and yes.. we shopped with our HEAVY BAGS!!!

ugh.. so frigging heavy and uncomfortable @@..
not to mention alot ppl stared at us ..
Anyway, we ate Pizza Hut for dinner and then went to Clarke Quay for some night entertainment..
We got lost as soon as we reached the Clarke Quay station..
The frigging map says that its at Boat Quay..
den we went there and a guy said its in another direction.. blablabla..
But alas..

and its just frigging near the MRT station..
we walked 1 big round >_<

The Clinic.

geddit? no? yes?

does this ring a bell? xD
yeah.. thats some chair with some blood like thingy ~.~
sorry don't know what it's called. I'm not science student @_@
and the pic above is like hospital bed/chair..

my ever spastic sis...looks like ghost in this pic @_@
**spoiler... new bag....spoiler **

oh NO!!! I frigging got into an accident where some wild animal banged me in the legs and I entered the hospital..

Oh.. this is my medication

oh .. MMMM.. yummy medicine~

ZX:WOW.. ZY you need to drink THIS much of medicine one shot?!

ZY: Screw it yo, gimme some Margirita!

LOL.. okok back to reality...
the wheelchair is just to sit as a chair
the syringe contains mix of some alcoholic drink.. its quite nice to drink
but it cost $53 for 6 syringes!!!!
which is about RM128... WTF..
but for the sake of experience..sigh..

Day 2

We went to Sentosa Island on Wednesday..
Went to VivoCity (a shopping mall) to catch Sentose Express (train) to the island.
But first we went there an ate breakfast @ The Coffee Bean =="
Then, we continued our journey to the small island~
We bought a package costing RM91.. (yeah.. we used Ringgit - there's some promotion there where Malaysians can pay by Ringgit for that package.. saves alot of money!)
with few attractions and gifts..
We received a purple sentosa miniature train as a gift.. it's real kewl!
I was hoping it will be pink >_< The first attraction @ the island that we went.. Merlion~ the symbol of Singapore


@ Merlion's mouth

pointing @ Singapore

BooHoo not tall enough to enter the attraction =(

Then, we went to the famous Underwater World & Pink Dolphin Lagoon..
Yeah..PINK dolphin..


my spastic sis posing with a pair of weird glasses

on the Skyride & Luge..
quite high.


this machine can move wherever your body leans towards to..
for example you lean your body towards the front, it starts to move forward..
when u lean back.. it will stop.. and if you lean more to the back, it will move backwards.
Cool huh?
I'm not sure how it's operated. I think it's through solar energy.
Frigging cool I enjoy this alot.

After that, our last attraction.. Songs of the Sea..
spot the fish? @_@

Overall.. I enjoyed my trip to Singapore.. hehe
Got myself a new bag and 2 new clothes ^^
Ahh, gotta end here folks..
Gotta wake up at 10am tomorrow..
Shin Yii and Szelin are coming my house
We are going to bake chocolate cake ^^

Toodle doo!
♥ ZhiYuen

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