Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bye ~ for 3 months

bye everyone~
going NS tomorrow at 2pm
anything important just contact my HP number and I'll reply you on weekends =)
gonna miss you guys alot ><
and also gonna miss my dear Nokia E66 and my PC..
bye Maple and RO ><

To June/July/August birthday guys and girls :

June 20th - Shu Hui
June 21st - Kok Peng
July 3rd - Wing Yan
July 11th - Piggy
July 12th - Feera
July 27th - JC jiejie
August 4th - Shin Yii
August 9th - Ginny
August 11th - ZhiXuan
August 13th - Jason

Happy Birthday in advance (:

&I'm gonna miss chatting with you guys..
my RO frens.. [bye genie, kipas, wendy etc~]
my uni frens.. [ bye shin yii, and my girlssss~]
my high school frens.. [ bye wingyan & kah wai~ ]
& all of my frens..

>> sorry to Wing Yan & Shin Yii coz I can't celebrate you guys punya b'day~
>> sorry to Piggy cos I'm gonna miss his b'day and also our anniversary ><"

bye guys~ muax
♥ ZhiYuen

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