Sunday, June 7, 2009

Random Post #3

hey guys.
Went to my uncle's house in Seremban today 'cos my cousin and aunt came for vacation here from England.
Ate dimsum at a restaurant thats PACKED with hall full of people.
more than 100 tables are full I presume..
Glad to see my cousin after 12 years.
BTW, here's a random scenario that happened in the car on my way back home from Seremban

Dad: Yuen, open the bag of chips aunt gave you from UK.
Zyuen: *opens WALKERS (from UK) chips packet and ates 2 pieces and then hands it over to dad*
Dad: *munch munch*

*****AFTER 5 minutes******

Dad: WOW. That's GOOD..
Zyuen: Yeah.. GOOD until you didn't leave some for me!!
Dad: OOPS. Sorry, I thought your gonna eat another packet instead of this.

****** AFTER 10 seconds*****

Dad: Want some? there's few bits left on this packet
Zyuen: *gaves the -_- face and said no*
Dad: *takes back the bag of chips and finished it all*

♥ ZhiYuen

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