Friday, September 26, 2008

Girl's Day Out 4

hey peeps (:
went to Mid Valley yesterday with Wing Yan.
Before meeting her at the LRT station,
I went to Jusco coz my sis is buying a dress from Genda
Didn't know she browsed for soooo long!
Wing Yan waited me for almost 1 hour ):
sorry babe!
Anyway, I'm effing lazy to explain the whole outing out.
Let the pictures do the talking ;P

mmm! yummy Rum Raisins & Vanilla Caramel Brownie

*pose pose*

Then, we met up with our internet friend (:
His name is Donutman AKA Nicholas Low Eng Seng.
Already knew him over the internet for 3-4 years.
He balanja-ed us Paddington House of Pancakes :P
I tried to give him half of the bill, but he refused ):
bad Donutman! :P

see see! snatch my BF *tsk tsk*
left - Nic ; right - Wing Ho

hahaha.. I think he fell in love with him HAHA :P

p/s: there's more pics in my Facebook! (click the link on the left sidebar)

As for today, I went to my University to pay the fees.
Well, not really, I did not pay a sen today. XD
It's because I received JPA's scholarship.
FYI it stands for Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam
It's a government scholarship and gives 100% coverage of my fees throughout my Foundation and Degree (:
and it includes my monthly expenses including books, thesis, allowances and etc.
cool huh?
damn lucky lar, I also dunno why I got it :P
didn't really met the requirements :P
they asked an 'A' for Moral in SPM, but I had a 'B'.
Oh well :P
Because of the scholarship, my parents are taking us to dinner tomorrow in Westin Hotel! (;

After that, I went to Pantai Hospital Cheras to do medical check-up for my scholarship (:
First, it was X-Ray, then urine test,
then.. blood test.. =S
she took alot of blood le!
I can die liao ):
Later, it's TB injection..
AHHHH.. fcking pain lor!
pain than blood test x3
imagine that!
but anyway, my happiness covers up my pain!
Super Duper Happy~! :P

xoxo Cheers!

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