Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Untitled #1

Hello ^-^
yesterday went to KLCC Aquaria with piggy~
The ticket fare is like RM 28 lor..
luckily I brought my student card .. got discount RM 8..
ngek ngek ngek
got alot of fishes, amphibians and reptiles there la..
got some cute little yellow frog 5cm only..
so adorable.. but it's very poisonous >_<
OH and I saw piranhas for the first time!
it looks like a normal fish to me lor..
so I die la if piranha come near me, I also dunno =___=

that stingray's face looks like alien!! XD

me and the piggish one =D

there's a new Godiva outlet in KLCC..
for 15 pieces of chocolate.. guess how much issit?!
a fcking RM155 le..
eat one piece RM 10.35 gone case..
but I bet it's damn yummy lor..
Wing Yan always says so.
hahaha =P
after our movie we went for a walk in KLCC Park..
went to the taman kanak-kanak
ngek ngek ngek
damn nostalgic lor okay..
at least I can fit in the small slide la XD
When playing it feels damn amazing okay..
takes me back to my childhood days where I always play in the playground near my house.
I really had an incredible time yesterday lor..
thanks to my darling..
ngek ngek ngek..
*don't puke, okay?

Today I went for my Undang Test!
ngek ngek ngek
46/50 !
not bad la....
got 3 mistakes on the 2nd Section and 1 on the last Section
hehe, nothing else to say !

Cheers peeps.

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